Benefits of green tea for memory

Té verde y memoria

According an old Chinese proverb, «it is better to go three days without food one without tea«. And it is that this drink has countless benefits for our body, and in particular, to the brain and memory, as evidenced in numerous published scientific studies.

A Spanish study published recently showed, for the first time, that a compound present in green tea could help improve brainpower in people with Down syndrome.

Until recently it was considered that Down’s syndrome, caused by an extra copy of the genes that inhabit the chromosome 21, could not be modified. However, as have demonstrated scientific of the Institute Hospital of the Sea (IMIM) and the center of regulation Genomics (CRG), both in Barcelona, that statement is in question thanks to them results of a trial in phase 2 with 84 people with syndrome of Down that is just of publish in the magazine ‘Lancet Neurology‘. According to the authors of the discovery, «the key is in the Epigallocatechin gallate, a polyphenol present in green tea, combined with a program of cognitive stimulation has shown improvements in executive functions, decision-making and its plasticity.»

Also the study released in the publication Biological Psychiatry shows the amazing benefits of green tea in the brain, specifically the tea polyphenols are protective about the brain cells and have agents «neuroprotective», in a way that we take care against the neurodegenerative diseases as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

At the same time, there are studies that have shown that green tea helps to improve memory capacity, which is interesting in young students or throughout your professional life at work.

In this sense, a new study by professors Christoph Beglinger and Stefan Borgwardt , of the University of Basel, in Switzerland and published in the academic journal Psychopharmacology, evidence that this drink improves cognitive functions, particularly the working memory. The discovery suggests promising implications in the treatment of cognitive and psychiatric disorders and dementia deterioration.

The experts found that green tea extract increases the effective brain connectivity, i.e. causal influence that an area of the brain exerts on the other, which in turn causes an improvement in cognitive performance. During the study, the subjects had significantly better results in working memory tasks after taking green tea extract.

Working memory is the memory in the short term, that related to the temporary storage of information that allows us to remember for a few seconds, without the need to take note, a phone number we have just said.

There are in addition to the Green, tea numerous plants that can help us improve our memory and concentration, present in many of our teas and infusions:

  • Ginseng: contains components stimulant and vasodilator, improving also the blood circulation while maintaining clean and dilated capillaries. It is perfect to enhance our focus on tasks, keeps us with energy and enough focus to be effective. The Green tea Ginseng passion is particularly suitable, as mentioned, for times of fatigue, but also stress, anxiety, insomnia, to combat anemia, and is also good for students at exam time, since it increases the ability to concentrate. Organic Sencha green tea He is also characterized by being stimulating, being especially suitable to enhance memory and concentration in periods of large loads of work or studies.
  • Tea red Pu Erh Cherry is ideal for well wake up in the morning and be able to perform the tasks you want to perform during the day, allowing you to focus on the same and, therefore, it is also good for students during exams or people whose professions require a high concentration.
  • Ginger: their components nutritious, between which highlights a great presence of antioxidants, allow enhance the system immune and provide to the body a good load of energy, which is one of them main ingredients to be properly concentrated. Organic Ginger green tea with orange peels, calendula flowers and natural aromas of lemon it will be your best ally.
  • Melisa: this herb possesses large estates to encourage concentration and memory. In addition, it is ideal to resolve the States of stress, who is usually the culprit that we can not concentrate. Relaxing and mellow, infusion sweet dreams will calm you in States of stress and anxiety that, on numerous occasions, cause insomnia and lack of sleep, which is what men and women need to be able to pay in our everyday life.

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