Tea or infusion to the street

Thanks to heat vessels or teas and infusions in pyramids, you can now take your favorite drink there wherever you go. Take it on the street, in the office or when out of travel. Aromas of tea, have a list of accessories that will help you do it té e infusión para llevar

These days of Easter there are many people who leave their home, taking advantage of their free time, to go on vacation a few days or for a small daytime break somewhere close interest tourism, sport or leisure.

And, of course, when we left home we do not enjoy the same things that we have at home, for example, of our way of cooking or beverages with much pleasure we prepare in the kitchen of our home, such as an infusion or a natural tea.

However, not have why give to this, to our tea or infusion if it have been made of House and it put in a thermo, for example, in a glass thermal or us carry a sachet of tea, as which will find in them boxes of 20 pyramids of Aromas of tea.

Tea to carry

If you’re that they like to drink your favorite there tea wherever you go, do not give to take your prepared tea or your bag closed properly with herbs tea or infusion in it.

In the event that you wish to take it prepared has to take into account that for that tea or infusion not lost its original flavor, can not be many hours stuck in a thermos.

In addition, equal nor you would do at home, you should not abuse of cups you drink, especially if you are going to take a long trip. Three or four cups a day, are sufficient.

To carry it, indicated more is to do it in a thermos or thermal glass. Prepare it previously as if we were to take at home and, once past the estimated preparation time, throw it in the thermos, together with the amount of sugar or sweetener.

To calculate what amount should take of tea, as well as of sweetener, is enough with multiply by two or three (the number of cups that go to take) the water, the tea / infusion and the sweetener.

Normally, the water heaters retain heat of the product that you pour into them, but not everything that we would like to, so you can also opt to take it cold, which is also delicious.

And if you go several days? Nor from worry. There are water ebullidores very comfortable and compact to carry on a trip and occupy little.

So in your backpack or bag, you can put your tea/infusion duly closed (same as in the pyramids that we prepare in scents of tea), your sweetener if wish you, a bottle of water and enjoy!

Remember to always have your tea infusion to carry!

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