The tea in the books

Passionate about tea and letters? In this article you wrote a series of books about tea collecting information on cultivation, processing methods, recipes and curiosities about the world of tea. A selection that not can miss in the library of every lover of the tea. We invite you to read with us!

Asia and the different types of tea

The tea is discovered and employed by first time in China about the year 250 BC, according to the legend popular Chinese. This drink, the second most consumed in the world after water, comes mainly from Asia, particularly China, Japan, India and Sri Lanka and since then their consumption and production has not done rather than spreading world-wide

Tea with designation of Galician origin, in Pontevedra

The Galician Ribadumia, Pontevedra, village houses one of the greatest treasures botanists of Europe within the Quinteiro Pazo da Cruz, who has seven hectares of garden, three of them dedicated to the vineyard and the rest, more than 500 trees and shrubs from five continents, as well as the largest plantation of Europe of Camellia Sinensis, the tea plant.

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