Christmas tea or Christmas tea: an English tradition that transcends borders

England is the country European of the tea by excellence. There, because since the Victorian era, they take a special tea for these dates, which boasts an aromatization and flavors of this epoch and its aim was protect to anyone taking it cold that characterizes the Christmas.


In recent weeks have long stressed the importance of hand have a tea or infusion suitable for the feasts that we usually give during the Christmas holidays do not affect our health, especially to our stomach and can quietly enjoy these days with family, without remorse or pain casings or other consequences that no one likes to spend.

But, in addition, a good tea or infusion helps us to feel a sense of well-being and pleasure and into heat in these cold days a year and, as announced meteorologists, this Christmas Eve is going to be very, but very cold. Therefore, nothing better to warm one of the delicious teas or infusions of Aromas of tea.

And if there is a country in Europe which are familiar with the benefits of tea, that is England. «There, already from the time Victorian, is celebrates a tradition Christmas on the tea: the known as » christmas afternoon tea « that, similar to the rest of the year was custom take the tea of them five, but always was tea red or tea black, to dry, to this time is made one special: the ‘ Christmas tea» or tea of Christmas.

Christmas tea / Christmas tea

In greater or less quantity, in all those countries is custom eat in excess during the Christmas. Therefore, it is always good to be careful with what we take and, above all, hand have a tea, which in addition to rejoice your senses, also feel us phenomenal. This is the functionality that the Christmas teawas created.

While it is true that today there are many variants of this tea, the original is made up of the following ingredients: black tea, ginger, cinnamon and orange peel. A taste very similar to our rooibos chai, that also counts with cinnamon and ginger or the tea black pakistani that you will find in

A tea whose tradition says that we must infusionarlo with water and that some people add honey or sugar for a sweet touch. Others, in addition, you add a slice of lemon and a drop of milk, for not missing to the tradition English of the tea with milk.

As mentioned, the purpose of this tea is to act as a natural digestive, which will leave us on the palate a taste very nice, as well as help control our cholesterol and fat in our body. Welfare total!

Specific teas for Christmas

If you have not arrived in time to buy a specific holiday tea, don’t worry: you can still enjoy our Christmas promotions. Among all the products you’ll find in the above section, there are three teas that are specific to these festivities, aromatization and products that have been made:

  • Tea oolong sweet passion: also known as te blue, the tea oolong sweet passion has with one of the ingredients more traditional of this era: the nougat.  A very soft tea we wanted flavoring in a special way so that you finish of sweet and pleasant way to your meals and family dinners. Highlights of this tea is the most purifying of all known and, moreover, it has very little protein, so that you can take at any time of the day.
  • Tea white Pai Mu so Christmas: a Variant special of our traditional Pai Mu Tan, to which have added cherries and almonds, ingredients that form part of many desserts typical of this time of the year. Soft, of pleasant taste and really pleasant. Not you it lose!
  • Tea white Pai Mu so nights white: is true that is sells during all the year, but the ingredients with which is made have an aromatization typically Christmas. Being a very soft tea and having just caffeine, it is very relaxing and calm quickly heartburn causing the Christmas Feasts. A tea that can not miss on your table!

    Merry Christmas a tod@s!

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