Maiko Tea: a very special in Japan tea house

In many films and documentaries, we have seen the tradition of tea and the entrenched in Japanese culture. This plant was imported from China in the year 700, but it was between the 14th and 16th century when taking it became popular among the entire population of the country.

The variety more used by the Japanese green tea is and considered any good occasion for your enjoyment. At the time of talk of this drink and Japan have to mention to the House of tea, Maiko Tea. This House is an of the more recognized, not only in the country Asia, but to level world in the sale and production of the tea green.

Singularities of Maiko Tea

As is collects in the web of Maiko Tea, in this House make a collection and production of tea green of quality, being the motto of the company «deliver the best tea possible to our customers«, something that share in Aromas of tea, where us care by search the best matter prima of the market.

This company started out in the year 1950, known as «Fugenji Plantations«. In the Decade of the 70, the strategy of the company changed not only of name to «Maiko not Cha» but also creating a system of sale direct. Since then the tea House has not stopped growing and receiving various awards. In the 21st century the company has internationalized and exports its products worldwide.

In the area of Kyoto where this company is situated, has a climate conducive to the cultivation of tea, with hot summers and cold winters. The land where this tea is grown are drained with the waters of Lake Biwa, contributing numerous nutrients to the plantations.

Japanese green tea types of quality

Maiko Tea grows different varieties of green tea such as the Gyokuroand Sencha, Houijicha, Matcha Genmaicha. Teas green of great quality and prestige that, as well know, you can find in Aromas of tea, as are the following:

  • Gyokuro Asahi Japanese green tea: it is one of the most popular in your country, have greater amount of protein the Japanese green. Flavor sweet and penetrating.
  • Genmaichagreen tea: is a mixture of different types of green tea and roasted rice. It has low content of protein and soft and refreshing taste.
  • Green tea Sencha Fuji: next to Gyokuro is one of the most appreciated and special Japanese teas. Sencha variety is the most produced in this country, however, the Fuji variant is more special than the common and on the palate is a fresh taste.

Maiko tea, no doubt, is a House that takes care of its production and put much effort in which its products continue to be something exquisite, high quality.

Curiosities of the tea and Japan

The Asian country is a village expert in everything to do with the culture of tea and some references there are to this drink environment:

  • For the Japanese, tea drinking is like drinking water. They enjoy it at breakfast, lunch or dinner.
    So important is this drink that can be ordered in bars, restaurants, shops, vending, etc.
  • You can see this drink, even bottled.
  • In some temples or gardens is served this drink to tourists as a welcome.
  • The ritual of serving tea is quite an event. Indeed, the teaching of this ceremony is offered at some universities.

As we’ve already been saying, no need to visit Japan to taste the best teas of this part of the world. In our shop on line, in addition to those mentioned, you can find other varieties of green tea that you fall in love with.

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