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«If you are cold, tea you will heat up. If you have heat, the tea you will refresh. If are depressed, you encourage. If excited, it will calm you». William Gladstone, first Minister of the Queen Victoria of England, described with these words the drink that would come to convert is in an of the more popular of the world.

Along the centuries, tea and its influence is has been writing in the pages of history. Today we make a review to the world publishing to offer you a small selection of books on the tea. Not intended to be a list of them best works but a guide basic to know more about the wonderful world of the tea.

1. the great book of the tea, of Lourdes Prat Ferrer

Highly recommended for those who want to have a fairly comprehensive guide to the world of tea. The book, of Lourdes Prat Ferrer, runs its history, its myths, its properties, varieties and preparation. Also includes interesting facts about their therapeutic and cosmetic properties.

The book contains the following chapters: one of introduction (what is tea, plant tea, elaboration, culture); History (the market world of the tea, varieties, teas of the world, ritual and taste of the tea, conservation and preparation, teapots and references); research scientific on the tea (tea and health, beauty and tips home) and a dictionary of the tea.

2. cha Jing, the first book on tea, of Lu Yu

A clear example of the fascination that the Chinese had for tea is the first classic of tea, written in the year 780 ad by Lu Yu.
With quotes Zen philosophy and Taoism, in it you will find an extensive story about this wonderful drink as well as the way in which was made in antiquity.

The book begins with an explanation of the origins of tea and runs several chapters where it picks up the treatment of tea, its preparation, how drink it, utensils, tea as well as illustrations of Cha Jing-producing areas.

Reading this book one gets to understand how tea has come to become a landmark in the history of civilization.

3. the book of tea, Kakuzo Okakura

Kakuzo Okakura tea book is not a treatise on tea ceremony, but an attempt to convey the Western reader the way it works the Japanese aesthetic sense, which, in its culture, is closely linked to the soul of a civilization.

Exciting and essential, in this modern work you will find all the information about the Japanese tea ceremony that surrounds an art and a cult for an entire people. The book is an overview of the differences between East and West, in a matter of culture, philosophy and tradition, and how these differences converge in the ritual of tea.

4 the Sommelier at tea, Victoria need manual

This book is a manual for all those who want to learn about how to be a tea sommelier. The book explores the knowledge that a person must have to start your path in the world of tea. Will meet them varieties of tea, them differences between itself, its aromas and will learn to distinguish the different qualities of the tea through a tasting technical. Also, teach them forms correct of preparation to be able to enjoy of all its aroma

5. the hour of tea, Susannah Blake

«Tea time» is a gastronomic book that reviews the best accompaniments to tea recipes: pastas, sandwiches, cakes, biscuits,…, and that also discusses different types of tea and its properties for a perfect pairing.
The book offers ideas, well explained and simple recipes and useful tips to create a complete dining experience around a cup of tea. It also contains step-by-step explanations to ensure a perfect result.

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