The tradition of tea in Taiwan

It was in 1700 when began to cultivate this herb in this country and the Nantou County (Taiwan) specialized in the production of variety of oolong cha, being known in the 19TH century as Formosa Oolong. To taste the flavor of this recognized specialty, no need to travel to Asia, since in our shop online you can find the latter in two prestigious variants: Tea Oolong Formosa Semi fermented and Formosa Oolong tea Fancy.

Characteristics and varieties of tea in Taiwan

The culture of tea is very important on this island and many plantations of this type that extends throughout the country. Then, we will mention some varieties of this plant and its characteristics.

  • Tea oolong tea: is undoubtedly the best-known worldwide Taiwanese variety. It is a fermented between green and black tea. It is usually accompanied by local sweets. Within this type there are different varieties such as the Shan Olong Ghao (high mountain) or Luku Tun Ting. The high mountain area, aromas of tea have the variety Taiwan Oolong Butterfly , whose color of copper makes him special in front of others. It has a pleasant taste, with a touch of fruity flavor and vanilla. There are several benefits that provide the Oolong tea as they are combat cholesterol, control blood sugar levels and as other species of this plant help digestive health.
  • Green tea : this variant along with the above mentioned, are the most important culture of this area of the world. Within this, it should be noted the tea flowers or Bi Lo Chuan. The main feature is having a considerable intake of antioxidants to take it. There are many benefits, among them, they help to combat stomach problems and promotes digestion.
  • Bubble tea : is the form of our drink of choice in a «modern» way. It is a soft drink that is drunk cold, made with green tea with milk shake, to which are added some tapioca balls. It is the current concept of this drink, as opposed to the traditional Taiwanese.

Tradition of serving tea in Taiwann

Just as in China, on this island, he custom of serving tea follows strict rules. In Taiwan at this time is known as Wu-Woceremony. It is a tradition in which is given much importance to making and serving tea. This should follow a few steps and concrete and adequate standards. It is an act that made people of all walks. It has a spiritual connotation and is a sign of respect, love and welcome.

Steps of the ceremony:

  1. Select a good tea, without additive.
  2. Put water to boil and add the leaves in a teapot (it is put a gram for every 5 people).
  3. When is the water boiling, pour in the tea, but does not serve, but let stand so that the leaves fall off its taste and odor.
  4. Minutes later it is served to each person in a small glass and left to rest for a few moments. Finally, after this time you can taste this drink.

Many are the peculiarities of this Asian island and its close relationship with tea. With the passage of time have been introduced new forms of this drink. However, the traditional way of drinking it and serve it continues to have a great importance.

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