Teas and infusions for the cold

Tés e infusiones para el resfriado

Surely, as you read this article you are surrounded by @ of tissue paper and a headache that is torturing you for a while, not to mention some breathing difficulties which arise when we are colds. Are some of them symptoms more common of an of them ailments more typical of this time: it of the autumn-winter, when more cold makes and the contrasts of temperatures, heaters, as well as others factors climatological make that them virus is expand without any type of barrier. And, however, it is there. A very natural and effective: keep in mind the signs that nature sends us and do case of the wise advice of the natural medicine, which are not but an accumulation of positive experiences that have been passed down from generation to generation, demonstrating its effectiveness, without side effects.

And one of them products that the medicine natural recommended to combat them colds and all its symptoms, but also to prevent them, is take certain types of plants and flowers natural, in form of infusion. Today we want to focus on some of them. You talk about its properties and benefits at the time of deal with a cold.

Plants and natural flowers against the cold

As we said, nature is wise and while they roam her various viruses, are also in it the most effective natural methods to combat them, for example, when it comes to cure or prevent a cold.

You then pass a list of some of the most well known and effective in this regard to make it comfortable and practical way, through teas and natural teas:

  • Ginger: have always said of ginger is an infusion which, like Chamomile or Linden, should not be missing in any House, they have great health benefits. In this case, it is also suitable for curing colds and problems arising from them, as the nasal congestion, sore throat or respiratory problems. There are experts in medicine natural that advise taking the infusion of ginger, well warm, with something of honey, lemon or propolis to increase the effect of the same.
  • Licorice: this is another of those multipurpose plants that brings countless benefits to the health of human beings. Among others, the infusion of liquorice is used to improve the State of the respiratory system, in general. And it’s that licorice is anti-inflammatory and softening properties, which improve the airway of the person which takes 2 to 3 cups per day of this pleasant infusion. In fact, used in a natural way to improve the symptoms of headaches, throat or pharyngitis, for example. It is also recommended in cases of cough or asthma. And not forgetting that it acts as a natural antiviral drug .
  • Hibiscus: in addition to its beautiful color and that taste so peculiar that makes the delights of lovers that the slightly acidic flavors, like this plant, taken in infusion , it is highly recommended to improve cough or fight diseases of the respiratory, as the flu. In the same way and for its antifebrifugas properties (contributed by citric acid), does make it ideal to reduce fever naturally.
  • Tila: is said that an of the best ways of expel them virus of our body is through the sweat or the urination. In the same connection, infusion of tila allows to achieve this effect, being, therefore, recommended to treat diseases related to the respiratory system, such as colds, as well as reduce fever, thanks to its antipyretic property. Similarly, antispasmodic and sedative, properties make that Linden is a good natural remedy for combating cough, asthma, flu or bronchitis, among other common diseases.
  • Green tea: could not miss in our listing the star of teas. Green tea which, according to scientific studies, has unique properties, not only to cure colds, but also to prevent them, reducing in number of days those that we went through colds throughout the year, considerably. An effect which, according to the University of Helsinki (Finland), has validity, both in children and adults. Another study, this time at the University of Shizuoka (Japan), warned of the benefits they take 2-3 cups a day of green tea, to prevent and combat the flu. In addition, green tea also helps open the bronchi, eliminating fatigue that can cause a cold.
    From Aromas of tea, not only we recommend that you drink green tea to dry, but also combined with licorice, lemon or Mint, to enhance the benefits of it through these other effective natural products.

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