The ceremony of the tea Chinese: Gong Fu Cha

Currently, the «art of tea» is evident in every corner of China. It most of them scholars say that it ceremony of the Gong Fu Cha had its origin in the province of Fujian, in the southeast of China, where was born also the production of the tea Oolong and its export; others, who was in the city of Chaoshan in Guangdong Province, where this singular art was born.

Either way, the tea in China is virtually a way of life, beyond of a drink. Serves to ask forgiveness, to entertain to the family or join to the people and on the tea is performs all a ceremony at the time of prepare it and serve it.

The ceremony of the tea in China or Gong Fu Cha, tradition influenced by the Buddhism, combines the search of the fullness of them senses and the quieting of the mind, with a master that is has gone perfecting along them times for get the best tea.

To prepare a Gong Fu Cha is highly important the quality of the water and the temperature, that can vary depending on the type of tea that is going to prepare. The Chinese tradition of drinking tea is usually used to prepare Oolong tea (much more soft and aromatic than the popular green tea, red tea or black tea) and appropriateness is to use small teapots, preferably earthenware.


The ceremony of tea in China is carried out in the following steps:

  1. Heat the water to the desired temperature (85 – 90 ° C for most of oolong).
  2. Place the kettle and the bowls on tray. Rinse the tea pot and bowls with water hot outside and inside that is go trying. Then it empties.
  3. Fill the teapot with water hot, and cover the sheets. After some 10-15 seconds, dispose of the first infusion, since is performed for wash them leaves.
  4. Added the hot water again until the capacity is full. Replace the cover. Is continues pouring the water on the top, while is leaves stand for the tea. The standing time depends on the variety, but round around a minute.
  5. Pour the infusion in them cups, without fill them all, several times until they are full. This is made to ensure that all them bowls contain the tea of the same intensity.
  6. Depending on the type and the quality of the tea is may make up to five infusions successive.

Are prepared to initiate you in the art of the tea? You scored some varieties of tea oolong tea (tea blue) with which you can go practicing and convert you in a real master:

  •  Milky Oolong: cultivated in Fujian (China) is a semifermentado tea that stands out for its creamy texture and the aroma and flavor milk. You can pair perfectly with sweet and salty flavors.
  • Tea oolong Pouchong: its flavor combines a touch of candy, as well as to fruits. Also dominates the taste of melon and offers benefits to health such as: its power antioxidant and digestive, along with being very diuretic and help reduce bad cholesterol in the blood.
  • Tea oolong, Black Pearl: a work of craftsmanship. Complex and aromatic, when you try it you will notice a nice flavor honey and tropical fruits, as well as a few hints of vanilla. This should add a floral point. Its texture is soft and fine.
  • Tea oolong tea-lime: an authentic source of nutrients and vitamins, the lima gives US not only that sweet and sour flavor, but it also adds fiber and energy. Us protects from colds and headaches of throat.
  • Tea oolong raspberry: A fruit that springs health by all their pores but that, in addition, provides well-being to all that that it test. Combined with the soft and unique flavor of the tea oolong, we can say that the result is spectacular.

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