Aromas of special guest tea ceremony tea of the Japanese chef, Yui Ishizuka

Regent, along with his father, a traditional Japanese restaurant that boasts more than 270 years of life and why, throughout its history, has been since feudal lords up to current leaders and personalities from Japan. But in addition, Yui Ishizuka knows perfectly the discipline of the tea ceremony. Aromas of tea, have had the privilege to do one for us, know their steps and references, in addition to taste two of our varieties of tea. Your advice? «Quality, aroma and pleasant taste. I love them!»

The tea ceremony: much more than a ritual

The tea ceremony is much more than a cultural event. Depending on the country in which we find ourselves (China, Japan, Morocco and England), the purpose of this ceremony is different, just like the origin of its start. In this article I will explain the differences so that you also can celebrate your particular ceremony of the tea in house.