Mint and Peppermint: properties and benefits

Beneficios de la menta y la hierbabuena

Used since ancient times as a medicinal plant, but also as an adjunct in the kitchen to give aroma and flavor to various dishes and drinks, mint and Peppermint are great allied to our health as well as for the enjoyment of our palate and senses.

Confused on many occasions, the truth is that while they have many properties in common, mint and Peppermint are two different plants and each one brings different benefits, especially at this time of the year. One of the main differences is the color of the stem: Mint is red and Mint is green.

In addition, both are taken in infusion or tea, as you can see in our online store. Aromatic and refreshing and pleasant taste, today we focus on the properties and benefits of both plants contribute to our health.

Properties and benefits of mint

They are very numerous, but we’d like to highlight the following properties:

  • carminative
  • anticongestiva
  • relaxing
  • anticoagulant
  • stomach
  • mucolytic
  • choleretic
  • astringent
  • antioxidant
  • febrifuge
  • aphrodisiac
  • soothing

These properties provide us with the following health benefits:

  • It is refreshing, so it helps to quench our thirst in a natural way, but it also helps to reduce the heat.
  • Helps combat the bad breath for two reasons: first of all by the freshness that contributes, as we have just said and, secondly, because combat digestive problems, in many cases, cause of the bad breath.
  • Improves stomach disorders: reduces and prevents, largely, the emergence of gas, facilitates the digestion and stimulates the liver, so that it promotes the secretion of bile and relaxes the intestinal mucosa.
  • Benefits the respiratory system: especially in the flu and other problems associated with the respiratory tract. Thus, it facilitates the expulsion of mucus, regulates body temperature if fever and works as an effective antitussive.
  • Benefits to the digestive system: reduces intestinal irritation, cutting the diarrhea or colitis, among other ailments, helps the digestive process, reduces and prevents vomiting.

Benefits of peppermint

Known as yerba santa or Spearmint, but not to be confused with it, since they are different things, peppermint has been used traditionally as in gastronomy, especially to flavour dishes and cocktails, as a medicinal plant. Precisely, as regards this last utility, are numerous them benefits and properties that are associated to the Mint:

  • It’s anti-spasmodic and carminative: by what is used, especially, to prevent cases of indigestion, flatulence, headaches or stomach cramps.
  • Is expectorant: helping to open the tract respiratory.
  • Headaches menstrual: is a plant very effective to calm them.
  • Treat problems nervous: relaxes and prevents them possible consequences that we can cause the nerves in our day to day.
  • Antiseptic and analgesic: very recommended to treat wounds and, in some cases, to treat the burns.
  • Help fight bad breath: thanks to its menthol component.

Teas and tea with mint and Mint

After having had much of the benefits and properties of mint and Mint, we are convinced that from now on will see these aromatic and medicinal plants with other eyes, why, we’d like to show you some of our teas and herbal teas made with Mint or Mint you can find in our shop on line, such as:

  • Moorish green tea, which is really disgestivo, as well as aromatic and refreshing helps relieve sore throats and fight halitosis. This holiday season, is one of those teas that should never miss on a table to stand for everything we ate.
  • infusion organic Alchemy: it may be shared by the whole family, will help you relax and improve your digestive system. You can take it at any time because it does not contain caffeine.
  • Pennyroyal Mint: a classic among classics. Along with chamomile is one of those teas that is found in all households and establishments catering for all the benefits it brings, especially regarding what the digestive system.
  • Infusion Mint, licorice, anise: one of our latest additions and ideal for a touch sweet, aromatic and pleasant at the end of meals or copious dinner. It can be at any time and at any age, so it is ideal for family.


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