Varicose veins: tips to relieve them

¿Varices- Toma tés e infusiones naturales para combatirlas

By inheritance, after a pregnancy or by poor circulation, in general, varicose veins are part of the legs of men and women. In fact, as explained on the website of the Spanish Association of Vascular nursing and wounds, 35% of active people suffer from varicose veins. A percentage that increases to 60%, after retirement.

Today we will focus on how eliminating them or reducing them, but previously, will explain how are formed, the causes that originate as well as various natural remedies to reduce them.

How does our circulatory system?
The blood circulates by arteries and by veins. While the first carry blood from the heart to all parts of our body, the veins are responsible for returning it to the heart thanks to valves which have inside and preventing blood back. «But when the valves fail properly its function, prevent this pumping system to work. Then the veins cannot meet its mission and blood will accumulate on them, dilating them and making them tortuous. That is what we see on the outside. That’s the vein,»explains Dr. Alejandro Sierra Martínez, head of Phlebology of the clinic University of Navarra.

Varicose veins are the most common vascular disease. They affect between 20 and 30 percent of the adult population and its prevalence increases with aging. In fact, from 50 years almost half of the population has a degree or another of venous insufficiency. Generally, appear in the legs, but also can form is in other parts of the body, as the esophagus, the region anal or them testicles. By sex, their occurrence is more frequent in women than in men – up to five times more – due to hormonal factors of women. One of them is the hormone imbalance of menopause, which negatively affects the circulation and causes the appearance of larger varicose veins. Also, during pregnancy veins suffer the influence of three factors that Act negatively on its integrity: the hormone increase, the compression of the uterus on the veins and weight gain.

Symptoms and advice
The most common are heaviness in legs, swelling, pain and cramps. To relieve these symptoms, experts recommend a series of measures, such as: apply cold showers on legs, lie down and elevate the legs after long periods of sitting or standing, and to go to sleep, avoiding standing for a long time; use of compression stockings, avoid exposure to the Sun for long hours, lying and without moving, avoid overweight obesity and sedentary lifestyle; not use clothes too beat and use a footwear appropriate, avoiding both the hunted flat as those heels high; among others.

On the other hand, draining natural substances we can help to improve circulation and relieve the symptoms of tired or swollen legs. There are numerous plants, fruits or spices very beneficial to reduce the inconvenience that cause varicose veins. Of course, from Aromas of tea we always recommend consultation prior to the specialist if it is the case, before taking certain measures that may affect our health. Here are the following plants that will help reduce discomfort:

  • Horsetail: has a relaxing and inflammatory effect, this plant can alleviate the inconvenience suffered by people with varicose veins after several hours without being able to lie down. Also being a depurative medicinal plant, it’s very effective fluid retention. Try our ponytail, a nice version in infusion.
  • Pennyroyal Mint: are you associated with astringent and anti-inflammatory, as well as help improve blood circulation. Pennyroyal Mint infusion will provide you, in addition, a pleasant feeling of well-being in the digestive tract, improves digestive processes and acts against the flatulence.
  • Calendula: calendula improves tone the veins and makes them less susceptible to degeneration due to the passage of time. It is anti-inflammatory, repair damaged tissues and reduces swelling.  In this case, we recommend our Pai Mu Tan white tea or Rooibos Caribbean echo, which also contains pieces of Strawberry and mango, combining perfectly the sweetness with the acid touch of these fruits respectively.  Another option that we propose is the green tea and white Strawberry sorbet, which has ingredients that enhance muscular pains and circulation. In addition, fruits and the two types of used tea make it a great source of health.
  • Aloe Vera: It improves cardiovascular health, oxygenates the blood from the veins and regulates blood pressure, improving the circulation of blood, something that is also associated with yogurt, ingredient that is included in our Tea green Aloe Vera. It also contains pineapple – rich in Bromelain which prevents the formation of blood clots-. You can also enjoy the multiple benefits that Aloe Vera health and beauty, in general.

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