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More than one of you that last night celebrated the arrival of the summer. That time of year that, like so much in general, worldwide and in which we feel more cheerful for the long hours of sunshine that we have at the end of the day, in addition to good weather and as time of holidays and celebrations for many. Note in the atmosphere and the mood of the people, who spend many more hours on the street and, also, dehydrated more easily.

Is precisely in this point where today wanted to reach with our new post: on the importance of the hydration in summer. And is that if all year is important to drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily, in summer can not consume them and even increase that amount when Sun press and our body asks.

Special care must be with children and adults who should not spend long hours exposed to the Sun, avoiding especially the hottest hours (which is usually from 12 noon until 5 p.m.), as well as give them to drink or keep them hydrated if they themselves do not of their own volition. Can be with liquids healthy either, with foods that contain much water, as is the case of certain fruits.

Course, a good form of consume that amount of water is do it taking cups of tea and infusions, since not only us moisturize but, also, by them properties and benefits of these products natural, will keep to stripe our health and, why not say it, our line, that so many ups and downs suffers in this time of the year.

Tips to stay well hydrated in summer

All the world has clear that in summer is when more attention there that lend to the hydration, but know of truth when and of what way have that hydrate us? Eva Salabert, journalist and expert on health issues, said in that it is not so: «a recent survey has shown that, at least in our country, there is a lack of information about the needs of hydration, since 70 percent of Spaniards drink less than two liters of fluid a day, 36% of respondents said that he only drank when I was thirsty «, and one in ten had come to suffer dehydration, most of these (60%) during the summer season».

It is precisely this idea of «wait thirsty» one of the biggest mistakes we make and the experts recommend that we should not do it, but yes you have to hydrate follows:

  • Lto proper amount: as mentioned previously, 2-3 litres a day. If you do sport or sweat more account, don’t forget to increase the dose of water.
  • Water and others products that it contain: as can be them teas and them infusions natural, in addition to juices or fruits rich in water, that us will help to eat that amount of water to the day, especially if not us like much the water as such.
  • Drinking time: especially if we are going to spend the day on the street. In this case, you can choose by take you your own Thermo and thus have always hand water, teas or infusions. Aromas of tea, you can find a long list of airtight thermoses that spilled not, long endure the temperature of the liquid and clean easily, as well as being very comfortable to carry.
  • Avoid alcoholic and sugary drinks: that they do not only give us more thirsty. But of course, we can take a glass of wine or a beer (to be possible without alcohol), the best is therefore not change healthy beverages by alcohol.

If us hydrated correctly get that all the agencies of the body work as is due, orinaremos more and, therefore, will remove toxins and will improve the appearance of our skin. Can you request more? Yes! That enjoyment of the variety of flavors healthy that can have mixing water and tea or infusions of Aromas of tea.

Refresh yourself with scents of tea

You know how much that we like to help you take care of your health, for this reason, we have prepared a special promotion of teas especially indicated for this time of year and that you can find in nur online shop, with a 15% discount. Teas and teas that we recommend taking hot, warm or at room temperature. why?

It’s the best way to hydrate and which our body does not suffer large contrasts in temperature. We explain: when our body swallows hot drinks, what you get is the mentioned effect «of evaporative cooling», getting that, without that increase metabolism, sudemos less and, therefore, we feel more comfortable.

And, what kind of products you will find in this special section? Teas and infusions made with fruits that contain large amounts of water, such as Pai Mu Tan Cherry white tea cherry; Orange, as that of the red tea Pu Erh Oasis or green tea orange blossom or a cluster of fruit moisturizing, as the case of the Infusion is to Carpe Diem, which can also take the entire family.

In short, teas and infusions fresh and refreshing, that will help you hydrate yourself, keep your health and your line at Bay and at the best price.

Not you so think more and runs already to do you with them!

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