Herbs and medicinal plants of autumn, in teas and infusions

Plantas y hierbas de otoño en tés e infusiones (3)Fall leaves beautiful bucolic pictures in our fields and gardens. They are covered with a nature that perfectly combines the intense red, Brown and green colors among which we can find plants, flowers and herbs that practically since man is man, have been used in natural medicine to cure the most common symptoms of this era, such as colds, bronchial or mucus problems , but also others ailments that do not have date and that these products cure or improve their symptoms of form natural and without effects side.

And as you know, in scents of tea we specialize, precisely, «squeezing» all the benefits that nature offers to us to be able to transform them into a wide range of teas and infusions that besides being very aromatic and rich in flavor, help us take care of our daily health.

Therein we precisely want to focus today’s post: herbs and plants of autumn which, taken in infusion, improve our health during this time, but also the rest of the year. I recommend reading this article, while stingy of any of these products natural. Happy reading!

Herbs and plants medicinal of autumn

The list of herbs and medicinal plants that can be collected in the fall is very broad, but we have wanted us to limit to the most popular and, in particular, those that subsequently can be eaten in a tea or infusion pleasantly. Plants and herbs as:

  • Mint: this herb that can be found easily in any part of the world, belongs to the family of the Labiatae and flowers during the summer and autumn. It has been used in natural medicine for the following purposes: improve the digestive system, as for example, settle the stomach after a heavy meal, avoid vomiting, treating problems of indigestion or stomach pains. In the same way, is used to expel excessive gases from the body or combat halitosis. In case of colds or flu, it helps to reduce fever, open the airway and eliminate mucus. Mint can be found in the following products: Pennyroyal Mint; infusion Mint, licorice, anise; in Moorish green tea; in the tea chai green or in our infusion sweet dreams.
  • Coriander: the umbelliferae family, this aromatic herb has been used both in cooking and in natural medicine for centuries. In regards to the second, you are associated with the following benefits: strengthens our defences, since it contains lots of vitamin C, as well as providing a lot of antioxidants, thus improving our cardiovascular health , and making decrease the risk of certain types of cancer. As is the case with Mint, is also used for fight bad breath and improve the digestion. In some countries also is used for calm them nerves and the anxiety, as well as for end with the fatigue or lower the fever. You’ll find cilantro in our famous green tea Rainbow, as well as in our infusion female vitality.
  • Fennel: as the cilantro, belongs to the family of them umbellifers and is you associated properties very similar, as for example, that brings much vitamin C, for increase our defenses, besides fiber for improve the transit intestinal or minerals as calcium or iron, improving thus also them problems of anemia or related with them bones or the health oral. By all these features, the fennel is used to improve them ailments related with the apparatus digestive, as for example, them colic abdominal, as well as them nerves in the mouth of the stomach. It is, moreover, an herb that improves the condition of our bronchi and help combat the cough and cold, in general. On the other hand, it reduces cholesterol levels and is really stimulating. You can take fennel in the following products: anti-stress infusion, rooibos digestiv or the infusion sweet dreams.
  • Sage: regarded as one of the best natural antibiotics, is ideal for combating respiratory infections, as well as to heal wounds, such as mouth ulcers or as a natural remedy, to heal blisters of the feet and hands. Regarding the stomach, Sage is antidiarrheal and anti-Emetic. You’ll find Sage in our delicious infusion sweet dreams.
  • Thyme: this perennial plant contributes to human vitamin C and minerals such as iron or calcium, all them ideal to take care of our general and cardiovascular and bone health, in general. In addition to these qualities, also her partner properties to stimulate properties digestive to reduce anemia or as natural antibiotic. In cases of sore throat or tonsillitis, infusions of thyme are also recommended. You can take a delicious infusion of thyme on our rooibos cold.

Now that you know some of the herbs and medicinal plants in the fall, only you take them in tea or infusion through the products in our online shop. In this way, you will not only enjoy its flavor and aromas, they also take care of your health in general.

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