Ready to return to the routine with teas and natural teas

laptop-1478822_1280September tends to be the month where, after one or two months of work at half-throttle and holiday for the majority of people, everything is back to normal. A process that we should be accustomed, and however, the return to routine is not easy for many people and speak both adults and children.

The famous syndrome post-holiday affected by equal to men that to women in ages different. That return to the routine has consequences such as gloom, insomnia, stress, headaches, indigestion, lack of concentration, apathy or anxiety.

Fortunately, there are different techniques and methods to which this return to routine is we do not so hard and that experts recommend much at the end of the month of August:

  • Recover, little by little those schedules. Our body will suffer less if some days before, although are of holiday, started to lift us soon and to eat to our time regular.
  • Return a few days before. Everyone loves squeezing until the last second of the holiday, however, primary care doctors and psychologists recommend not again the day before starting work, since that creates even more stress and your body suffers a shock of sudden if tomorrow we have to start again, with the daily routine.
  • Sport. For stress. It is not pointing at the first opportunity to the gym. 30 minutes a day of light sport, such as walking or swimming, are also good for our health. In this way, as well as improve our mood, also we release tension.
  • Healthy eating. Summer and holidays, are usually synonymous with excess food. So the best is that you return, as soon as possible, to your safe and healthy food. A detox plan, whereby you can include teas and infusions, also will come in great.

In addition to these ideas, to try to solve the problems mentioned above, are also good medicinal plants you can take tea and infusions. Some of the most recommended are the following:

Against the stress

  • Anti-stress infusion: is the star of Aromas of tea for those who need to relax. In addition to have a taste pleasant, also is very digestive, by what if the stress you da burning of stomach, this infusion will meet a double function.
  • Green Rooibos brightness of the Sun: flowers of sunflower that this tea has been produced and which give a sweet taste and amelocotanado to the same are the perfect partner to reduce daily stress. In addition, by not containing theine, you can take it at any time of the day.
  • Infusion Carpe Diem: ideal for adults and children. Contains ginger, this product reduces stress levels. The taste of the infusion is really nice and contains many minerals, so it will also increase our defences. Nothing like taking it at breakfast, in family, to calm the nerves of the first day of school.


  • Sweet dreams: this infusion, along with the infusion of sleep are some that most require our customers to take before going to sleep; something normal if we consider that, also help us to relax and therefore be able to fall asleep, they also have both a very nice flavor and can be consumed by the whole family.
  • Accompanying the previous two we have the rooibos secrets of Eastfor cinnamon lovers. In addition to leave a nice taste in the mouth, it will relax them and help to sleep.


  • Infusion rooibos digestiv: its name implies everything. Made with tila, fennel, mint and calendula, among other ingredients, this rooibos provides a pleasant feeling of lightness in the stomach, eliminating the typical heartburn stress or poor digestion.
  • Fennel infusion: in addition to being used to make many meals, this typically Mediterranean plant is ideal for calming poor digestion. It is refreshing and effective.
  • Sen: in natural medicine, these leaves always have been used as a digestive remedy. If this is your problem, we suggest that you take it to check its positive effects.

TO concentrate better

If the stress and nerves let you concentrate, the best thing you can do is to take any of our red tea or Black, since they will help you to focus on your tasks, away from other problems you may have. Take a cup for breakfast and another after eating. Nothing will you resist!

But, also, the ginseng also is a good ally to relieve the stress and focus you on your work, by what you recommend the tea green ginseng passion. Soft and refreshing.

And you, know other remedies or tomas others types of teas and infusions? You hear!

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