Matcha tea, the superfood

Themselves wonders of him and reasons not missing. The tea matcha-leaves in powder of tea green of excellent quality-is a powerful drink with multiple benefits for the health: has large properties antioxidant, helps to slimming, reduces the cholesterol, brings vitality, as well as great amount of vitamins, amino acids and minerals, in addition to strengthen them defenses of the organism. In short, a valuable drink we wanted to dedicate a space on our blog and we invite you to try with Aromas of tea, where you can find matcha tea more oriented to take as a beverage, but also other more appropriate for use in the kitchen, even though both may be used for such purposes.

Today all the matcha green tea produced is of Japanese origin, history tells us that, in reality, this tea comes from China and that it was a Buddhist monk who took him to Japan, which came to be known. Thus, the matcha tea is that used in the famous ceremony of tea in Japan, since it is a very special tea, since processing is more complicated than the rest.

The preparation of matcha starts several weeks before their harvest. First tea plants are covered to hide them from the Sun. In this way, their growth is delayed and creates a darker green color in the leaves. After the harvest, the leaves are placed on a flat surface to dry. The result is called «tencha». Is them removed the stem and the veins before grinding them to get a texture of powder fine as the talc, of a green intense, known as «matcha».

Before serving, matcha is passed through a very fine sieve to remove lumps, using a wooden spatula.
In the Japanese tea ceremony, matcha brewing is first deposited in a container. With a special bamboo brush put a measure in the tea bowl. Add a little water not very hot. Then, the mixture stirred quickly with the brush of bamboo to a creamy consistency with foam on the surface. Can develop it you same playing the famous ceremony Japanese with this set of tea Matcha, that has with all the accessories indispensable and elaborate of form artisan.


In addition to having a high content of antioxidants, the tea green matcha has multiple benefits that will make of your body a base solid against diseases.  Those listed below:

  • Antioxidant: matcha is crowned as the most powerful, surpassing any fruit or vegetable.  To the be very rich in flavonoids, is converted in a drink tremendously antioxidant, especially by the presence of them known as catechins of the tea.
    These catechins have a great capacity to neutralize the bad action of free radicals, helping to reduce the effects that exercise in our body. Thus, it helps against ageing as well as being a powerful shield against diseases.
    Antioxidants include a polyphenol called EGCG, which is associated with cardiovascular health and metabolism; and it helps to reduce the growth of cancer cells.
  • Detox: matcha is also renowned for its cleansing powers of the body, and contain chlorophyll to help clean the blood and helps your body to remove toxins. On the other hand, it has a high content of tannins, which act as mild laxatives, which means that it becomes a variety of tea ideal to improve the intestinal transit, totally natural and simple.
  • Helps to lose weight: increases fast metabolism and, therefore, the burning of calories by our body.
  • Brings vitality: is able to improve the endurance of those who consume it regularly, up to 25% more according to recent studies. It also provides lots of vitamins, amino acids and minerals, strengthening the body’s defenses.
  • Reduces cholesterol and blood sugar: is an ideal beverage to reduce high levels of fats in the blood. On the other hand, have shown that a regular consumption of matcha tea helps to lower sugar levels in the blood, being at the same time suitable for people with diabetes to not raise insulin levels.
  • Energy: matcha green tea has L-theanine, amino acid that is found exclusively in this plant and is responsible for the relaxation of the mind, while it promotes energy and activates metabolism. He is not recommended to drink it in the six hours before the night’s rest.

Use in the kitchen

For his presentation as ground tea is very common not only use for the elaboration of own tea drink in itself, but it is their use in the kitchen, either in the preparation of desserts, ice cream or cake. Many chefs prestige already include it in their dishes and you can also make simple recipes at home with tea matcha for cooking 65 grs. To be in powder handling it is much easier and gives the dishes a very special and soft taste.
You can also indulge and try tea matcha in the form of candy, very healthy, delicate and natural with a very characteristic taste. An explosion of tea in your mouth that you’ll not love!

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