Green coffee: properties and benefits of a drink on the rise

It is curious that has products that nature puts us within reach of the hand for centuries, these are used in traditional medicine during the same period, but for those who give to know or come to light is not easy, until a celebrity makes it fashionable or is associated with benefits both the people pursues today , as it is the fact of having a body 10 or lose weight.

The history of green coffee fits perfectly with the description you just give. And it is that you it’s a type of product that exists, as if to say, since man is man; that for centuries has been used in traditional medicine to improve health or combating certain problems related to the same, but, really, not given to know too much until its properties have not partnered with the fact that it helps to lose weight and it had everything to do the propaganda that made it famous as Demi Moore , Jennifer López or Katy Perry, among others.

People who are equipped with sufficient weight and influence to talk about the virtues or defects of a product, in this case, a type of coffee, as it is the Green and that today we want to focus, it’s true: green coffee helps to lose weight, but also characterized by other comprehensive listing of benefits which we would like to speak today in this post.

What is the green coffee?

granos_de_café_verdeThis is the first question you would like to respond, since the origin of any product is the best basis to explain what are its Properties and benefits.

Unlike what many it may seem them, green coffee has not gone through any kind of processing, but quite the opposite. And it is that green coffee is not something else, but the natural grain of the coffee, without having gone through the process of torrado or roasted plant, that is the usual step through which pass the coffees that come to the catering establishments or to our home.

The green coffee bean has not finished its maturation process and its natural color is green, so this type of grain is named for its color.

Main differences between green coffee and roasted coffee

Once people know what to the green color of the coffee bean, the most common question tends to be the differences with which we usually take, the roasted coffee. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the following:

  • Processing: as we have already said, green coffee has not gone through any kind of process and the black coffee if: has been toasted or torrado.

  • Aroma: black coffee has, depending on the variety, a scent or another that characterizes him. More or less intense, but always has an aroma that dominates insofar as we have grains of black coffee to our around. However, with green coffee would not happen, since the aroma is very slight.

  • Flavor: the green coffee is much more bitter, recalling sometimes to those more pajoso flavor infusions; opposite to the roasted coffee, having a body and a strong flavor that will change according to its origin and variety.

  • Degree of caffeine: is higher in the case of the roasted coffee. Green coffee contains caffeine, but in smaller amounts.

Finally, is also worth mentioning that green coffee, not having gone through any kind of processing, contains properties that black coffee has lost due to the toasting process or torrado, being the amount of chlorogenic acid, the most prized property by scientists, physicians and nutritionists, since it is a powerful natural antioxidant whose virtue is lost largely using toast or coffee torrado, since that the high temperatures to which the grain is subjected during this process, reduced it.

Properties of green coffee

As we have already mentioned in previous lines, green coffee is a natural product, which is characterized by a type of priorities not always shared with the black coffee that we regularly. Some of these properties are as follows:

  • Chlorogenic acid: this component of the green coffee is highly valued by the scientific community and health. Several scientific studies have shown that, taken in normal amounts (from two to three cups a day), green coffee prevents the processing of sugar into fat and its subsequent storage, so it is not surprising to see the recommendation to take this type of coffee in slimming diets. This component also has a satiating effect, i.e., which eliminates the sensation of hunger for a time. Similarly, the infusion of the green coffee bean is perfect for people with type 2 diabetes, since it regulates blood sugar levels.

  • Accelerates the metabolism: another of the virtues most appreciated by consumers of green coffee. And it is that green coffee makes that liver can not download more glucose into the bloodstream, which will cause the burning of fatty cells, until they release their glucose and converting them into energy, which causes mentioned acceleration of metabolism. A process that scientists call ‘Thermogenesis’.

Benefits of green coffee

infusión_café_verdeThanks to its properties it listed above, in addition to the slimming effect and regulate blood sugar levels, take green coffee brings other benefits for our body, such as the following:

  • It is a drink depurative and diuretic and thus prevents the formation of stones in the gallbladder. In this regard, it is noteworthy that take green coffee in moderation is to activate one of the most important enzymes of the liver, the glutathione S-transferase (GST), a of you dictate them activate detoxification of the body system, helping to clean it, and also, as we have mentioned on several occasions, to lose weight.

  • Reduces blood pressure, helping to maintain good cardiovascular health.

  • According to some studies, the green coffee improvement the immune system and combat aging, thanks to its high content of natural antioxidants.

  • Cellulite: its action lipolytic and draining manages to reduce cellulite naturally, eliminating accumulated fat that causes it. Dermatolologicos laboratories are not alien to these properties and today we can see many products aimed at the treatment of cellulite, which includes green coffee extract, so that this can be applied on the body in the form of cream.

Reduce the sensation of tiredness and exhaustion, due to its caffeine content, while it is lower in the case of the roasted coffee. A caffeine getting also the individual who take it may be more concentrated, activating the activity of his mind, helping to clear the mind. In the same way, reduces depression and relieves the headache that cause migraines.

How to prepare green coffee?

Green coffee not prepared as a normal coffee, but it seems, rather, to a cup of tea, already the grains of green coffee they infusionan. Thus, its preparation is very simple, just take into account the amount of beads that you use.

A proportion estimated that green coffee cup we come round is as follows: 15 coffee beans and 250 ml of water, and , will increase the amount according to the ratio.

Once we have this clear the steps are simple: warm water and when it begins to boil, pour the green coffee beans for 3 minutes. East elapsed time down the fire and leave it for 15 minutes as well. Once spend that quarter of an hour, let it cool and take it to taste.

Green coffee, also in Aromas of tea

cafe-verde-ecologicoNow that you know all the properties and benefits of green coffee, you have to know that in Aromas of tea we have this type of drink, in two aspects:

  • Green eco coffee the good the best. That is why we have chosen the ecological variety so you can take it home. Whether you’re thinking about weight loss, and take him to try a different and healthy, drink just access our store and in 24/48 hours you can have at home.

  • Green coffee with cardamom and Ginger is another variety of green coffee which we have in our store. More spicy than the previous one, but with the same properties and benefits and that spicy taste that much like the lovers of ginger, other natural and highly healthy product.

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