Digestive plant at Christmas: Allied against the excesses

Plantas digesivas en Navidad- tus aliadas contra los excesos

Sure that within a week, at this hour, you’re taking @ around a table with your family and friends to celebrate Christmas Eve or are about to do so. Approaching dates which combine feelings, beautiful moments and, of course, food. Much food. So much, that it is the time of year where more excesses occur and more indigestion occur throughout the year.

So those endearing moments with family and friends no fogging of heartburn, heaviness, heartburn, or indigestion, ultimately from Aromas of tea we have hand digestive plant that will help you control those inevitable excesses or increases in food. Taken in tea or infusion, are the best ally to take care of our health on Christmas. And, precisely, of them want to talk about today: digestive plant for Christmas, as well as some tips to health and nutrition experts recommend to account for these dates. Happy reading!

Tips to avoid excesses at Christmas

Ideas that health and nutrition experts offer us to care for, as much as possible, our health during this holiday season are very many and varied. Aromas of tea, we wanted to pick up some of the most interesting:

  • Try to eat light them days previous and later, as well as drinking liquid in abundance. And we will eat enough the designated days of the calendar, so if the previous days we eat light and healthy, much better. Water or, if you prefer, natural juices, teas or infusions should not miss those days.
  • Try to eat in moderation. It is clear that the dishes which are eaten at Christmas, seldom eaten the rest of the year, but the important thing is not to binge eating and avoid eating when not hungry, especially when we are talking about children or elderly people, whose digestion is even more complicated.
  • Moderate purchases. If this year you touch Cook, it best is that it buys it do with the head and not with the heart. We know you want to entertain your guests, but nothing better for your health that give them food properly and, if possible, healthy lifestyles that can be.
  • Plan the schedule of meals. Is should avoid the Act of dinner and go is directly to the bed or to take the siesta. Uses that are in family for leave to walk all together or entertain you playing to them letters u others games traditional. If necessary, forward schedules. For example, in new year’s Eve not is necessary wait until the 11 of the night for dinner. It can be done before and then entertain themselves with games or pleasant conversation. Finally and after all, not every day meets the family.
  • Begin meals with soups, soups or salads warm. They are digestive and light, as well as very comforting. This will make the avoidance of other dishes with more fat and more harmful to our health.
  • Eat slowly and chew well. In this way we facilitate the digestion of the foods that we do. There is no hurry. It is a time for family, so do it!
  • If we lose by them sweet of Christmas, trying to eat them in the breakfast or not abusing of them after the meals. If we opt for the first option, we will spend all the calories they have throughout the day and, therefore, they affect both our health and weight.
  • Drinks digestive after meals. As teas and natural teas, to make better digestion.

Digestive plants for Christmas

Alluding to the last Council nutrition experts offer to avoid the Christmas excesses and focus on the main topic of this post, we leave you the names of some digestive plants and fruits that are ideal for a better digestion after meals this holiday season. Takes note of them and keep them close at hand:

  • Fennel: it is a digestive plant par excellence and that can be consumed in infusion, as that you’ll find in Aromas of tea, or including it in any of your dishes, making them lighter and more healthy. Mild-flavored, avoids the excessive gas, cramping or intestinal spasms and is suitable for sensitive stomachs. In addition to the mentioned fennel infusion itself, we also have others that include this plant and that you will be great. You can find them here.
  • Ginger: like the previous one, can be used both in the kitchen or take it in tea after the meal. Its flavor is somewhat acid and spicy than the previous, but is very nice. In addition, you will help you to cut or avoid vomiting and nausea, reduces the flatulence, colic and is ideal to improve the intestinal transit. Try our infusion of gingeras well as others that contain this great ingredient.
  • Mint or Mint: in addition to reducing bad mouth flavors that can also cause certain ingredients of meals of these dates is very refreshing and highly digestive, offering a pleasant feeling of well-being almost instantly. Aromas of tea have different teas and herbal teas that contain them and which you can find by clicking here, highlighting, Pennyroyal Mint, Moorish green tea or chai green tea, among others.
  • Chamomile: its sweet flavor and the family can take it at any time of the day, Chamomile is also the digestive plant par excellence, leaving a pleasant taste and a truly pleasurable feeling in our body. You can take natural Chamomile , bulk, with Aromas of tea.
  • Licorice: which in addition to leave a nice taste, relieves symptoms of indigestion, acidity, or gastritis. You can find infusion of liquorice aromas of tea or try our combinations of Green Mint and licorice or licorice, anise and Mint, ideal for the whole family. In the same way, you can take it with green tea or te black.

This is just a small sample of how these parties take care of natural and simple way. But, you can also take you any green tea or white tea, as well as the combination of the two (provided, of course, do not abuse them) or any of our specially digestive infusions, such as rooibos digestiv, among others.


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