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Aumenta tus defensas con tés e infusiones naturalesEnsures the Josep Masdeunaturopathy, as the immune system «is the body’s natural defence to deal with infections». A term, the of ‘ system immune ‘ that, ensures, comes of the Roman ‘ be free ‘, i.e., of the capacity that has the human being of not suffering diseases that cause them microorganisms. For this reason, take care it is essential since birth, until the last day of our lives. In this regard, defenses play a very important role and must be present in our body in its fair measure, since the lack or excess of them are good for our health.

The vitamins and minerals, i.e., nutrients that help put our immune to put together and, therefore, that our body has defenses necessary for their proper development and functioning since we are born are to be found, primarily, in the food we eat. Healthy and natural food must take in a balanced way and among which the can not miss fruits, vegetables, grains, fish and meat, mainly white. In addition, in the case of fruits, many of them contain fiber, which are essential for the proper functioning of the digestive system. To these products and as a daily supplement, of course, is good add natural plants and spices that will provide, naturally, minerals and vitamins that we need in our day to day.

So now we want to focus on the main plants, spices and fruits that help improve our defenses, especially in the most hard times, as they tend to be the winter and spring, but also for the rest of the year. Natural products that, if you wish, you can consume in delicious teas and infusions as that they make, by hand, in scents of tea.

Increases your defenses

As we have said, today we will focus to mention some of the plants, fruits and spices more relevant and indicated to increase, naturally, our body’s defenses, so let’s put it, of course, without abusing them and, if in doubt, consult our doctor of GP or specialist in naturopathy, which will be who knows us better and can give indications of our case concrete.

  • Licorice: infusion of liquorice is used in natural medicine to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms (whether they are viruses, bacteria or fungi). In this sense, it is worth mentioning that it’s a plant anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and is regarded as one of the best natural cough medicines that are known today.
  • Ginseng: one of the ingredients of many syrups herbalist who aim to increase our defences. He himself helps to combat the fatigue, the stress, the tiredness or the low state of mood that make that our defenses is see depleted. You can eat ginseng in our soft tea green ginseng passion.
  • Green tea: with a high content of vitamin C and antioxidant, green tea helps prevent many diseases. Infectious diseases of this time of year, like the flu, with which, taking 2-3 cups a day of tea, you can see how faster improvements. Enter our green tea section and choose the one you like.
  • Ginger: the same help to prevent the flu, muscle aches and infections, contributing, in the same way, to improve cellular health thanks to its properties antioxidant. Check with our ginger infusion, the rooibos ginger and organic Lemon , this last, moreover, with double contribution vitamin contain lemon, which contains lots of vitamin C, vital for our health. For them children, safe that les love it infusion Children Fruit that, besides them benefits of the ginger, also is will make with them of them fruit with which is made this drink that both them like and that is can infuse with water or milk, to mode of beaten of fruits, for example or as complement of a good breakfast. Of course, we have more choices of tea with ginger. You can check it here.
  • Seaweed wakame: used in Japan from makes hundreds of years, the same has with important doses of vitamin C, to, B1, B2 and B3, by what contributes to the regeneration cell and protects to the Agency facing agents infectious. In the same way, it helps regulate the nerves, which are so harmful to our health and to be rich in minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium and iodine is remineralizing and helps to take care of our bones and teeth. You can consume it in our tea green with algae.
  • Lemon: as mentioned above, the lemon is rich in vitamin C and ideal for curing colds or flu symptoms. In addition, you can take on a daily basis in infusions as our ecological lemon black tea, the green and white tea lemon sorbet, lemon-lime oolong tea or rooibos cold, among others.
  • Strawberries: that they contain vitamin C and B and are loaded with antioxidants to regenerate our cellular system. In addition, they are low in calories, anti-inflammatory, containing magnesium and potassium to improve bone health. In addition to eating them for parts, you will also find them in our green tea and white Strawberry sorbet, ecological paradise fruity black tea or rooibos enchanted forest that also contains other fruits that provide large doses of vitamins, minerals, such as currant, raisins and cherries.

The Royal Jelly, propolis, honey, boldo and echinacea, also are plants that are ideal to improve our defenses, so if you can incorporate them into your daily life, your body will thank you. In addition, the experts also recommend sleep 8 or 10 hours needed by our body to rest (this varies depending on the age), avoid stress, anxiety, or situations that may reduce our State of mind, since this helps to reduce our defences. On the other hand, the sedentary life is not good, but too much exercise or too much nor are aggressive, it, so take it easy.

Enjoy life and take care of your health in a natural way!

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