Chamomile, that great ally that does not can miss in house

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The chamomile is an of those plants that, to take in infusion, not missing in any House. Something that is not surprising if we take into account that the same offers a wealth of benefits to human beings, as few can do it all, naturally. While is true that always is has associated to calm the pains of stomach, them properties healing of this plant van much more beyond.

Is precisely in the benefits offered Chamomile in what we would like to focus on this post today that we have entitled: «Chamomile, that great ally that can not miss at home» and of which we are convinced that, at the end of the reading, we shall give the reason. We started!

Origin and properties of Chamomile

Belonging to the family of Daisy, is a perennial herb that grows in Europe and Northern Asia. Also known as Chamomile or by its scientific name, Matricaria Chamomilla, the use of the same in issues related to health or the natural beauty is widespread, not only on our continent, but also in America and Asia.

Long, erect stems (can reach 60 centimeters), the flowers of Chamomile infusions are made that are collected from spring until the first third of the summer. Very aromatic, the same also is used for oils essential of massage or in aromatherapy, with the main objective of calm the stress accumulated of the person to which is you apply such treatments natural.

Among some of the most prominent components of Chamomile, include the following: vitamin C, flavonoids, or some carbon acids favouring, among other benefits, the reconciliation of sleep and relaxation.

Benefits medical of the chamomile

While the list is extensive, I would like to quote some of the more important:

  1. Reduces cholesterol level: thanks to the Hill (member of the B vitamin), that helps protect our liver compared the possible accumulation of fat, also eliminated from the blood.
  2. Digestive is: thanks to its properties and always drink in moderation, the chamomile will help to combat the problems of nausea, vomiting (can cause them or stop them, depending on the State of health of the person), loss of appetite, intestinal gas and combat irritable bowel syndrome, offering a soothing effect in this part of the body of the person who takes it.
    In this sense, it should be noted that is very good for finish with problems of gastritis, ulcers or colic.
  3. Reduces the level of stress: ideal for those people with a large workload or emotional charge that immerses you completely in a State of anxiety. Taking the of form regular and moderate, it reduces the stress of form natural.
  4. Diabetes: Chamomile reduces the level of sugar in the blood of persons who suffer this type of disease.
  5. Dolores menstrual: helps to relieve them, favouring the flow of the menstruation and avoiding them pains that is le associated, thanks to the increase of the glycine, a relaxing muscle natural. In the same way, combat the spasm suffered by some women with premenstrual syndrome or menstruation itself.
  6. Fluid retention: since it acts as a mild diuretic and, thus, contributes to the Elimination of toxins.
  7. Fights the bacteria: in a natural way and, therefore, distances us from colds and flu, if we take it daily and in moderation.
  8. Prevents breast cancer: since it contains apigenin, stopping the spread of cancerous cells in our body and preventing that they can prolong their life time.
  9. Help to fall asleep: due to chrysin, a chemical substance of Chamomile, which will help us to sleep.
  10. Acts as a natural eye drops: thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, components that reduce such as eyestrain, styes, or conjunctivitis eye problems.
  11. Oral rinse: If use it in this way, protegeras your mouth of possible bacteria, decay and heal wounds, if you had them.
  12. Decreases headaches joint: such as sciatica, rheumatism or arthritis.

Benefits of the chamomile for the beauty

Both of our skin, our hair. In fact, Chamomile is used in numerous natural, homemade creams or laboratory since it helps eliminate impurities and dead skin cells, giving a more natural to our skin and clean appearance. Some specific uses of Chamomile are the following:

-Reduce grains: if we apply a compress soaked in Chamomile, previously cooled infusion, and for fifteen minutes, you will see how it improves the appearance of your face. Repeat this action for a few days and the effect will be greater. When you feel heat or redness, better consult your dermatologist.

-Hide dark circles: If we apply a Chamomile teabag in a tired face and dark circles, you will notice that the same swelling reduces considerably.

-Fungi on hands and feet: is the best natural treatment that you can perform if fungi have you come in these areas of the body. For this you must put the affected area in a bucket in which we have added an infusion of Chamomile (you will have to calculate the proportion based on the amount of water) and add a splash of lemon. In this way, the fungi will dry up and disappear.

-Lighten the hair: why are many shampoos we see that they are made with extract of the chamomile plant. In addition, it will leave you with a very pleasant smell in hair.

Chamomile scents of tea quality

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