The tea: an ally facing the cholesterol

El té- un aliado frente al colesterolIf in a few blood tests have diagnosed cholesterol above seen as «normal» and do nothing to lower it, with the passage of time its consequences for our health can be really dangerous.

The truth is that cholesterol is a natural fatty substance that is present in all cells of the human body and is essential for the normal functioning of the body, as defined by the Spanish Heart Foundation.

Man gets every day important amounts of cholesterol coming from two ways: liver – which manufactures nearly 1,000 milliliters – and food as the egg yolk, greasy foods or butter. But, watch out!, there are two types: LDL cholesterol or ‘bad’ and cholesterol HDL or «good».

In circumstances normal, las amounts necessary for each type of cholesterol are balanced and our body works correctly. However, when it increases bad cholesterol, either by genetic factors or by a poor diet, it may lead to the formation of plaques of fat in the vital arteries. To the go narrowing is the arteries gradually, arrives a moment in which the blood that receive them bodies is insufficient. This situation can cause atherosclerosis, (which consists of hardening and decrease of the inside of the arteries caliber), accidents cerebrovascular or peripheral vascular disease.

Why should we care if our cholesterol is above 200 mg/dL. Health workers warned of the importance of high levels to determine at an early stage, and detailed simple recommendations to keep it at Bay.

Diet and exercise

A balanced diet without saturated fat, weight control and exercise moderately, but continuous (walking, cycling, swimming,…), favors the presence of «good» cholesterol, in charge of cleaning the blood vessels and destroy the «bad» cholesterol.

And is that one of the aspects that more influence in the cholesterol is the power. In this sense, antioxidants are a great ally of the arteries from harassment of this fat and there are numerous types of tea with great antioxidant power. Studies medical have proven the effectiveness of the tea green to reduce the cholesterol bad, what would come to confirm the relationship observed until now between their consumption and a lower risk cardiovascular. Tea green Sencha Fuji, fresh and aromatic, he is known for its antioxidant properties, ideal to lower cholesterol levels. It is also used to protect cardiovascular health. On the other hand, Jasmine is considered a medicinal plant suitable for the reduction of cholesterol, present in our organic jasmine green tea.

Also, the tea white can be very beneficial for those people that are struggling against the cholesterol high. Tea white Pai Mu Tan Eco has been elaborated with excellent quality white tea leaves, to get a Super infusion with large antioxidant properties. Soft with aromas of cinnamon and anise, Tea white Pai Mu Tan Chai also are associated to him slimming properties and help control cholesterol.

On the other hand, the leaves of rooibos are used in infusions to treat of form natural the hypercholesterolemia. Try our Rooibos enchanted forest since different fruits which has been been developed make it an excellent handler of cholesterol in our body. The combination of ingredients of Rooibos Sahel also is another alternative as excellent complement to eliminate fat saturated, thanks to the safflower that contains.

And finally, the matte is a real source of minerals and vitamins, which helps to improve cardiovascular health and reduce the rate of cholesterol.

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