Teas and infusions with seasonal fruits

Tés e infusiones con frutas de temporada

Today we can find, practically, all type of fruit or vegetable in any time of the year due to its production in greenhouses although, really, and as all know, each food has of a period of season.

And that means that a food is seasonal? Basically is the period of time during which the food is found in its best moment. Said in other words, nature is wise and each season gives us what we need. And in them months of summer, them fruits of season are the following: the cherry, the watermelon, the melon, the plum, the raspberry, the lemon, the peach and the handle.

There are many advantages of consuming seasonal fruit:

  • It is fruit more healthy, natural and organic, since it will not be necessary to use chemicals or pesticides. Your intake of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients will remain intact and we can take advantage of them.
  • Are food much more healthy and tasty, since have grown of form natural, without need of using products that favor their fast development to the have been collected in his time just of maturation.

In addition to benefits in terms of their consumption, there are other advantages as the price, which is more economical, since production is greater and the have been grown without additives or pesticides, we care about the environment, since we save on CO2 emissions.

We then review what are the fruits of summer, as well as the best teas and infusions of fruits to enjoy the most refreshing and natural flavors. And is that the fruit is protagonist of many of our teas and infusions by its multiple benefits for the health with properties antioxidant, stimulating and energy:

  • The cherry: is a fruit with some excellent contributions nutritional, in addition to numerous benefits for the health. It is a rich source of beta-carotene (vitamin A); also helps to regulate the rhythm heart and the cycles of dream of the body; It is rich in vitamins C, E, potassium, magnesium, iron, folic acid and fiber; reduces inflammation and the symptoms of arthritis and is a good source of important fiber for digestive health.
    Developed based on cherries and red tea of the highest quality, the red tea Pu Erh Draculin is characterized by its intense flavor and aroma of cherry. Drink two to three cups per day of this tea improves intestinal transit, in addition to the blood circulation.
    Pu Erh Cherry Red tea is made with genuine cherry Japanese, ideal to infuse both with milk or water. Discover its countless benefits for the body.
    If what you need is a recharge of vitamins, try the Enchanted forest Rooibos with elderberries, currants, cherries and strawberry, an infusion of healthy properties and great source of vitamin C, D and E.
  • The melon: rich also in water (contains a 90% of water in its composition), brings vitamin to and E and acts as laxative, diuretic (ideal for eliminate the toxins of the body) and helps to neutralize the acidity. Citrus flavor and fresh infusion Carpe Diem is made up of a combination of fruit – Apple, melon, orange – flowers that make it a true source of vitamins and minerals.
  • Raspberry: is very rich in vitamin C, with a very important activity antioxidant, which helps in preventing the development of cancer. It is also useful for prevent cardiovascular disease. And, in addition, contains an important activity anti-inflammatory. Refreshing, slightly sweet the white tea Pai Mu tan Strawberry has been elaborated with first quality raw materials, where strawberries are the main protagonists, cherries or raspberries leave no one indifferent.
  • It Strawberry: besides its power as antioxidant, is known by its capacity anti-inflammatory and uplifting of it health general: are low in calories, are charged of antioxidant, are a source rich in vitamins, contribute to the health bone, enhance the health eye and have an effect anti-aging. The tea green and white sorbet of Strawberry, with Strawberry, mango, pineapple and slices of Orange, it makes in a great source of health.  The Te red Pu Erh fruits of the forest, thanks to the careful selection of two types of berries of topquality – strawberries and blackberries – is a natural source of vitamin C and A, as well as a potent antioxidant and fat burning.
  • Lemon: is a very popular remedy for relieve colds and sore throat. You can also relieve migraines, for gums that bleed and detoxify the body. Organic Lemon black tea You will help you recharge the body’s defenses and to recover from fatigue.  Fruity, fresh, diuretic and loaded with vitamins. So the Tea green ecological Macedonia, with pieces of Apple, green tea, lemon, mint, cornflower and natural aroma flower shell.
  • The peach: is rich in fiber, contains vitamin C, is beneficial for the skin and the hair, is a protective vascular (improves the microcirculation venous) and with low content caloric.  If you are of that you like start it tomorrow of form active, the tea green splendor you will provide all the energy that need, with pieces of peach and pieces of pineapple.
  • The handle: thanks to its content in vitamias to and C is a fruit very antioxidant that us help to protect us from diseases cardiac. Is rich in iron, copper, magnesium and calcium; and is a fruit recommended to be present in diets of thinning since contains a 83% of water. Refreshing, fruity and with much personality, the tea black tropical ecological is a real injection of vitamins and minerals, with pieces of mango and pineapple.  Another option is the tea green and white sorbet of HDL eco. The predominant aromas are mango and coconut, fruit trees that give, in addition, a sweet taste to the drink, something that contrasts with the acid touch of the Rosebuds.

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