Teas and infusions for the health of the woman


By all is known that those plants medicinal provide numerous benefits for the man and the woman. However, some plants have properties specific for the health female that them converted in remedies essential to prevent diseases and improve symptoms in them different stages of the life of a woman, as the menopause, the pregnancy or the menstruation.

Along this article discover them teas and infusions that are more recommended and help to balance the health of the woman of way natural.


Many women suffer from hormonal imbalances and affecting, above all, their menstrual cycles. Menstruation can be preceded by discomfort like abdominal pain, malaise, headache, tiredness… To this set of symptoms are you known as the syndrome premenstrual. Each woman is suffering in a different way, but leading a healthy lifestyle and taking care of the food, you perish it with more energy.

You can also take advantage of the properties of some plants that will help you relieve these symptoms. The calendula is an of them. Orange and beige colors, this flower is an excellent regulator for all kinds of gynecological problems (painful menstruation, lack of rule, etc.) and reduces the typical aches and of this period.  You can try our infusion secrets of the time ecological, with flowers of calendula and of Chamomile.

Sage, on the other hand, it is one of the best known as regulatory hormone, aromatic plants because of its vegetal estrogen content and convert it into a suitable plant for irregular menses or infertility caused by lack of estrogen. In addition, Sage also balances our emotions when the hormonal irregularities cause us States of sadness and depression. Infusion Dulces sueños consists of a careful selection of ingredients like Sage, fennel (also reduces the pain of menstruation), Chamomile, cardamom, mint, lemon balm, lemon grass, lavender, valerian and nutmeg.

The Chamomile is one of infusions consumed most by women to treat many disorders every day. This medicinal plant is taken routinely to soothe menstrual cramps and ease menstruation when not low.

The cinnamon is an excellent women’s remedy also soothes the pain during menstruation. This spice form part of some of our teas, as you can check here.

It ginger is one of the most important to balance women’s health, since it is the solution to many disorders of women: helps regulate the menstrual cycle and reduces premenstrual symptoms causing so much pain in some women.  Take advantage of this plant and the flowers of calendula infused Tea organic Ginger green, will help you to take care of the inside and outside.


Pregnancy is a very important stage in the life of a woman at the organic level as changes occur in the body that require monitoring and timely care, as the contribution of additional calcium. In this sense, Organic Herbal spell Infusion is made with Sunflower flowers ideal for women by the extra calcium contributing and what better to do it naturally. In addition, also brings acids fatty essential and vitamins that the baby needs for its correct development.

On the other hand, the ginger prevents dizziness and nausea during pregnancy, like Rooibos with raspberries.


The average age of menopause is 47.9 years. When you reach that age, women must submit special attention to vasomotor symptoms and menstrual disorders to attend its preventive revisions. And it is that menopause represents a transition, from the biological and social point of view. Changes that occur during this stage are related to the adverse effects on the quality of life: can cause muscle pain, disorders of sleep, depression, and irritability. To this end, we have delicious teas that will help us alleviate the symptoms caused by menopause, insomnia or lack of concentration.

Tea red Pu Erh Tibetan features help maintain a perfect balance between health and well-being. Composed of roses, jasmine and goji, it is especially indicated during menopause, providing the calcium necessary for bones. The Milky white, Oolong and green tea is also an excellent choice to strengthen the status of bone during menopause as well as to improve concentration.

Sexual desire

A healthy sex life is important to reduce stress, the construction of a healthy relationship and improve general well-being. The diet and them exercises offer the best solutions to stimulate the desire sexual; However, a series of herbal natural aphrodisiac also can provide support. He te red cinnamon is made with cinnamon as ingredient main, and certainly, an of them virtues that is you attributed to the cinnamon is that is is of a product aphrodisiac, ideal to wake up or anime the wish sexual of form natural.

The Infusion of the sex made with damiana is the best Allied natural to increase her libido.  In fact, is the viagra natural for excellence or the known as plant of the love.

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