Learn how to taste tea step by step

Cómo catar el té paso a pasoFor some it may seem a trifling, but the truth is that tea is an art and as such, tasting also deserves being mentioned and treated as something exceptional and unique that allows not only incomparable moments, but also know and understand better the tea being tested, their origin, history, etc.

As the came, tasting tea is all an art and today want to speak of them different steps that must have is in has at the time of make it. Of course, there will always be diversity of opinion in this regard, since the different schools of tea or places where it is consumed is done in different ways, but there are also many commonalities when it comes to taste tea and these are precisely those who want to keep in mind.

Utensils for tea tasting

As House can not be started on the roof, the first thing we have to do if we want to taste tea in conditions will be to have the necessary equipment to do so. In this we recommend:

  • Variety of tea in bulk: pods or pyramids are not tasted in the same way, therefore, the best option is bulk. In addition, we propose that you decant by tasting teas such as green tea, red tea, black tea, Blue tea That Yes, the experts recommend tea which is cate to be pure tea, so the sheet is consistent and is not mixed with other elements, but if you want to vary types of tea, of course, you can do so without problems.
  • Tea: although all which you can find in our section of teapots could be valid, as Qatar tea is an experience different, you propose, in concrete, the tea of iron that besides be elegant and the more traditional, also is can use in all type of kitchens.
  • Tisanera: we have many models to choose from in our tea accessories section. Enter it and choose the one you like, if you don’t have any in your home. They also serve traditional tea cups.

Steps to tasting tea

At this point is often give the controversy are three or four main steps that must be taken at the time of tasting tea. However, what that match the different masters of the tea is at points must be taken into account, so we decantaremos by broken tea tasting in 4 steps, which are as follows:

  1. Evaluation of dry leaf: places, on cups of coffee or small dishes, tea mounds. In each of the dishes there should be a variety of different tea. Not the mix. Note well that the leaves are consistent and are not wet. In this first step all you will have to do will be, as its name suggests, observe the color and texture of the leaves of tea, then we will try. Take a small fist in your hand and smell it.
  2. Infusion of tea leaf: prepares several cups of tea with two grams of tea per Cup.  Please note the time of infusion you need the variety of tea you want to taste, as well as the temperature of water. It is important to be indicated. For example, in the case of black tea, infusion time often haunt the 3/4 minutes and the water temperature 85/90 degrees. In each of our teas, you’ll find this detailed information.
  3. Evaluation of the wet sheet: to make the third step you will have to separate own tea leaves, but you do not throw them! Is important that notes the differences aromatic and of texture that experiences a same sheet when is dry and when is wet. So, invite to sit, on the one hand, the aroma emitted by the leaves when they are wet and how that smell is evolving as they cooled. The same happens with the own tea, nothing but infusionarlo has a different scent will have that when it cools, it will be barely perceptible. Finally, in this third step of the process of tasting tea not can forget us of observe the color of the liquor, the same will be more dark as more rusty is the tea.
  4. The cup of tea: this is the step that most everyone likes, clear is. When it comes to taking it must be that you between a bit of oxygen between Cup and our lips to enhance the taste of the liquor. This step has a double function: the aftertaste and the olfactory retro. It is a very special moment, since not only tasting tea in the mouth, but also feel their aroma in the nose. There is who recommended at this point covered nose feel only the flavor and texture, while this perception is influenced by the sensations of smell.

Once these four steps, experts advise spit tea being tested and pass to the next sample, so that does not influence taste on the other. In addition, also is not recommended nor milk, or sugar or other sweeteners that might influence the taste of the tea that is tasting. In any case, you could add a cloud of sugar or milk, once you have tasted tea in all its essence.

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