Infusions for the system digestive

Infusiones para el sistema digestivo

Keep the digestive system in ‘good shape’ is essential for our well-being. Some habits food irregular, it takes of certain drugs or the same stress, can trigger a large variety of symptoms that can affect to our system digestive: flatulence, pains of stomach, belly swollen, constipation… And here is where come in digestive infusions. By the properties of some plants, such as licorice, Chamomile or lemon balm, can help regulate the digestive system and for its therapeutic qualities, they are ideal when it suffers some kind of mild gastrointestinal disorder, gases or tendency to poor digestion.

As always we remember from Aromas of tea, the use of these plants can provide benefits and improvement, helping to regulate the digestive system, while these infusions decision does not replace treatment where any physician or seek professional advice if the symptoms worsen, that can mask some major ailment.

Digestive wellness

You have a good digestion is the Foundation to feel healthy and strong. When we eat food, these are transformed into smaller molecules of nutrients before being absorbed into the blood and transported to cells throughout the body. Digestion is the process by which food and beverages decompose in part smaller so that the body can use them as a source of energyto.

The tour that made them food, since them swallow until us nourish of life or them eliminated, is long and complicated. But, how can we help this complex process? Following a series of practical advice will help us to maintain a good balance and digestive well-being.

The transformation of food begins in the mouth: is the door of the digestive system and the function of Mastication is fundamental. Obtain small pieces of food is essential for one to perform a good further digestion. People who swallow large chunks of food without chewing properly suffer heartburn and digestion more frequently. Also, avoid eating in a hurry; try to be relaxed when it comes to eating, since the nerves are bad good digestions teammates; avoid drinking alcohol during meals and not take long NAPs. If carry these habits to the practice, us get rid of the annoying symptoms of a bad digestion, this is, reflux, heaviness in the stomach, fatigue over, stomach inflamed or flatulence.

In addition to these guidelines, the nature offers us a series of very beneficial for our digestive system plants.

  • Chamomile: Chamomile one infusions recurring to relieve the symptoms of a heavy digestion is. For its anti-inflammatory properties, Chamomile is one of the main remedies for sensitive stomachs. The infusion of Chamomile will help to shrink the stomach irritated, soothe nausea, vomiting, cramps and expel gases that produce the sensation of swelling.
  • Melisa: to reassure nervous stomach and reduce inflammatory bowel, thus promoting digestion, we can use lemon balm. Our infusion Athena ecological, in addition to leaves of melisa contains fennel, that will help to improve your system digestive and finish with the digestion heavy. If you’re going to have a meal or copious dinner, nothing better to forget about pain or heartburn that mentioned infusion. Other options include infusions: ecological Alchemy or herbal spell.
  • Fennel: is known for the treatment of cramps, disorders bowel and flatulence. Fennel is characterised by being antispasmodic, promote digestion and reduce swelling. Fennel is very present in many of our herbal teas for its enormous benefits in health, such as Rooibos Digestiv ideal to relieve digestion infusion and infusion secrets of the ecological time, with flowers of Chamomile, fennel, mint, flowers of calendula, aromatic and very digestive and type.
  • Licorice: them properties medicinal of the licorice are so high, that is one of those seasonings more ancient used in the medicine natural. Used, among other things, to relieve various ailments of the digestive system, including the stomach ulcers, gastritis, acidity, or cramps. Also is the most preferred condiment for people suffering constipation. In addition to the own infusion of liquorice, Green tea to licorice will provide you with a proper functioning of the digestive system accompanied by a feeling of freshness and intense licorice flavor.
  • Mint: is one of the most popular herbs, used to relieve heartburn, nausea, vomiting, heavy digestion, diarrhea, to lower inflammation and soothe the stomach pains. The use of mint, is also recommended when we have excess gas. If you suffer any of these symptoms, the Infusion Mint, licorice and anise help alleviate them.
  • Ginger: is used for the treatment of various types of stomach problems, including the nausea, upset stomach, flatulence or diarrhea. It is also anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, so it is beneficial for gastrointestinal infections. There are many teas and teas that you can find in Aromas of tea, carrying this ingredient, such as Organic Ginger green tea, natural lemon aroma.

And now that you know all this, are waiting to take care of yourself and enjoy a pleasant infusion or natural tea?

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