Do you suffer from stress? Tea and infusions can help you

supera el estrés con tés e infusiones

Overwork problems of couple, maternity or paternity, as well as sudden illnesses in a beloved person or ourselves, are situations that make us feel helpless, we get angry, us depressed, squealed and even affects our body or daily life, because blocking us.

These are some of the situations caused by stress. A pathology that neither affects of the same mode to all the world, nor to all the world you depresses. In fact, there are people who, if by overwork, tends to concentrate better and work faster and more efficiently. In these cases it is not necessary to intervene, the situation should not continue and will lead to other consequences such as insomnia, defences down or colon irritation, for example.

However, where it is necessary to intervene is in situations where stress results in depression, anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, sleep disorders… and en all cases, tea and infusions can help us.

In any case and as always we recommend from Aromas of tea, in this type of situation or any other that requires expert medical advice, it is best to make an appointment our doctor or nurse’s confidence.

What is stress?

«Tension caused by crippling situations causing psychosomatic reactions or psychological disorders sometimes severe», and defines the Real Academia de la Lengua Española stress. Ultimately, it is the way in which the body reacts when confronted with a challenge and is prepared to act in a difficult situation.

According to the American Psychological Association, there are three types of stress:

  1. Stress aguado: the more common and that arises of «demands and pressures of the last recent and them demands and pressures anticipated of the future close», in dose small can have even your side positive, since us will help to sharpen the mind and to give more than us, of what had given in a situation normal. However, when it is prolonged, may result exhausting. Fortunately, this kind of stress so common, has simple cure and most of the people are able to detect it, making it react soon to the.
  2. Episodic acute stress: occurs in people who have acute stress frequently, whose lives are so disordered that they are studies of chaos and crisis. People very nervous, easily irritable and they assume too many loads without to take them really, what provoked this constant anxiety.
  3. Chronic stress: is he «destroys the body, the mind and life. «Made havoc through the wear to long term», as explained from the American Psychological Association. Unlike the first two, this never will be exciting for the person undergoing it. This type of stress is that really requires of an intervention specialized, therapies or drugs.

The tea and the infusions, therefore, can help to combat them two first types of stress, especially the first, that is the more common in all them people and which us incites, rather, to follow forward, rather than to cause us problems psychological serious.

Teas and infusions to combat the stress «everyday»


To combat the stress, nothing best that eliminate those nerves and anxiety that us cause certain situations, so be capable of focus us and face the situation of it way more lucid and effective possible. Is at this point where them infusions, all in general, as well as some types of tea, can help us to get that balance between them benefits and damages that carries a situation stressful.

  • Tea green: the amino acid L-teina that contains the tea green gets that decrease the training and performance of the radical free, that are which can cause problems cardiovascular or increase our pressure blood. In addition, tea helps to focus and improves the mood of the person, which helps to deal with the situation of stress with better psychological capabilities.
  • Black tea: takes care of lower cortisol levels in our body, i.e., the hormone that causes stress. The effect of relaxation of the same also quite fast, by which you will notice its effects without delay.

How can tea scents help you?

Taking into account the concepts above, we invite you if you find yourself in a situation of stress daily, visit our sections of green tea and black tea, but also that of infusions, being our infusion par excellence, the infusion anti-stress, whose taste, moreover, you fall in love with.

In addition, within the black teas and green teas, some by the ingredients that have been produced, this effect is even better. Such is the case of the following teas: tea green ginseng passion, tea black Pakistani or the tea black, the seven wonders, between other.

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