Benefits of cardamom, all aroma and taste

Cardamom is a plant native to the commonly used India as intense spice to add aroma and flavor to food and drinks, because it has an own flavour and aroma. However, old known in natural medicine, since it has been used since for hundreds of years for its medicinal purposes to maintain digestive health or alleviate certain conditions which we detail below:

  • Digestive system: cardamom is the digestive plant par excellence. Works as a natural tonic, neutralize the excess acid in the stomach, promotes good digestion of food, prevents the flatulence and relieves pain in stomach. It also works as a good stimulant for the appetite.
  • Antiseptic: also known for being able to prevent the development of diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi, as that helps to inhibit growth preventing infections.
  • Expectorant: This plant is known for its expectorant properties. Use it in cases of flu, colds, cough or bronchitis will be of great help in relieving the symptoms, especially help in the expulsion of phlegm, clearing the Airways. Also soothes the irritation of the throat and hoarseness associated with upper respiratory problems. A gargle with cardamom and cinnamon tea can relieve these symptoms.
  • Invigorating: It’s a spice stimulant thanks to the presence of a substance called cineole, capable of acting on the central nervous system.
  • Antioxidant: without a doubt, include food, plants and seeds that have antioxidant properties, they will always be a good source of health for the body, and the cardamom is one of them. These substances help to counteract the damage caused by free radicals, thus helping to prevent premature aging and the development of diseases.
  • Oral health: did you know that the ancient Egyptians masks cardamom seeds to clean your teeth? Is known that it eliminates the germs of the mouth and as a result, the bad breath. Promotes hygiene of the teeth and gums.

Now that you know some of the multiple benefits of this spice, as aromatic as nourishing, we invite you to try out a selection of our teas with this special ingredient.

Pakistani black tea: Cardamom, along with cinnamon, are the dominant flavors of this tea, which, in spite of this, it is very soft and pleasant to take. One of the main features of the Pakistani black tea is its stimulating power, therefore, we recommend that you take it in the morning.

Green tea Rainbow: Ideal for any time of year, can be so cold as hot. Fresh and with a flavor and aroma something sweet, will help you to fine-tune your health.

Rooibos Chai: is highly suitable for people suffering from gastrointestinal problems, as well as dental health. Built-in carrying pepper gives it an interesting point to spicy.

Tea black Chai organic: Spicy and aromatic, it is ideal for breakfast or after meals. This organic tea, will help you to awaken your mind and senses, as well as regulate your gastrointestinal system.

Rooibos organic autumn fantasy: Without protein and gluten will help you recharge your batteries with minerals and vitamins that your body needs. It is good during or after exercise, to recover.

White tea Pai Mu Tan White Nights: Made with pieces of Apple, orange peel, piece of Orange, cinnamon, clove, cardamom and aroma natural chips, it’s a very relaxing, digestive tea and that is very nice diverse palates.

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