Would you with milk or water?

For tastes the colors. By that, while some think that infuse the tea with water only is it more normal, not can forget that there are other many people that it make with milk and, even, countries where it normal is take it of this way, as is the case of United Kingdom, Morocco or Hong Kong is very rooted the custom of take it of this form.

So, is there any right way to drink tea? Is a matter of taste? From customs? We leave that your own answer question.

Disadvantages of tea with milk

Tea with milk is a very widespread practice in some parts of the world, as we said. Although it is not bad for health, yes it should be noted that the combination of both makes tea to lose some of its properties. Below will point out some disadvantages of taking it with milk:

  • Scientific studies say that taking tea with milk are lost certain properties that are associated with tea. The casein of milk makes tea protective molecules fail to comply its function. The effects of catechins is also inhibited and, therefore, most of the benefits that brings our drinks are lost.
  • Change of color: can seem that not have importance, however, to the make this mix, the color intense changes to another completely different.
  • Change of taste: the milk changes completely the taste of the tea. It has nothing to do with take it with water, since in this way it can be seen each hue and intensity, something that is lost with the milk.

These are some disadvantages to this combination. However, there are many people who are fond of taking it with milk and, in this case, experts recommend to follow certain guidelines so that, also in this way, the experience of drinking tea is very pleasant.

Varieties of tea that you can combine with milk

Before mentioning what are ideal teas to make this mixture it should be noted that there is a suitable mode of preparation. Many of us may think that first you have to add milk to tea, but it is not so, but in reverse. This is because if done incorrectly, the tannins decrease its astringency and the milk proteins are denatured. By this, it recommended is perform the infusion and let it stand some minutes and, subsequently, add you the milk cold.

Returning to the theme that focuses this post and as well said more up, some tea are more appropriate to combine them with tea. In general, the tea black is the best it accepts. Aromas of tea we have some perfect varieties for this combination, e.g.:

  • Black tea breakfast: his name is because that this variety is which, by tradition, is always taken in English breakfast. Depending on if you want a more or less strong flavor, add more or less quantity of milk. Aromas of tea, this black is of ecological production, variety Assam and Sumatra from the India.
  • Earl grey: continue with English traditions. Earl Grey black tea is a type of tea with bergamot and which is often used in the famous «tea time». This tea, that can acquire in scents of tea in his version natural or ecological and is ideal for infusionarlo with milk or with water and of great quality.
  • Pakistani black tea: a type of very spiced tea. Occasionally, is directly prepared with milk or by adding it later; This varies depending on your taste.

In addition to the black teas, Red teas also combine perfectly with milk, especially those that are combined with fruits, like for example, our red tea Pu Erh Cherry, red tea Pu Erh cinnamon, both perfect for breakfast or, among others, red tea Pu Erh Chocolate.

In some countries the tradition or culture of tea with milk prevails front to enjoy the intense flavor and natural take it with water. Those tastes in each person are different and the choice is very personal. How take it you?

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