Teas and infusions with autumn fruits


We say goodbye to summer and launched autumn, a station that offers delicious seasonal fruit. Grapes, apples, tangerines… are some of them, rich in antioxidants and high content in vitamin C that us will help to have them defenses to, to enjoy of flavors delicious and course, natural.

Aromas of tea, we are aware of the multiple benefits of the fruit for health, so it is present in many of our teas and infusions. Invite to you know what fruits are protagonists of the shelves this fall. Remember also that in the season autumn-winter is presented more cases of flu, cough and allergies, by what the consumption of these fruits are key in your health.

  • Grapes: are rich in antioxidants, besides those tannins, that we will help to get a maximum protection cell. To this there is that added the fiber that contain and that we will help to keep the body free of toxins.
  • The PEAR: is a good source of vitamin C, fiber, potassium and vitamin E. Fiber helps to control cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • Apple: is one of the fruits low in calories and contain pectin, a kind of fiber found in the skin of the Apple and that will eliminate toxins from the body and get a gut in perfect condition.
  • The citrus: the orange or the Tangerine are also fruits own of this time of the year. Both varieties have high content in vitamin C, necessary to reinforce the defenses and to make facing them weather own of this time of the year. To this it must be added its high doses of fiber that will improve digestive processes.
  • Papaya: is a fruit rich in vitamin C, ideal for fighting flu and colds. In addition, don’t forget that it has excellent digestive properties.
  • Pineapple: is another fruit of this period. Its high power diuretic us will help to eliminate of the organism them waste that both poorly can make us. Your contribution vitamin and of fiber also is remarkable.
  • The granada: Another fruit typical of the autumn. They can be purchased from September to December. It is a digestive, diuretic, astringent and purifying food that helps cleanse our body.

– El Tea green Rainbow with pieces of Apple, Orange and cinnamon will help to put your health about to. Apple, not only contributes to balanced citrus and sweet flavors of the ingredients that has been elaborated this tea, but also improves the appearance of our skin and strengthens our bones, as well as providing fiber our body.

-If you need to upload your defenses we recommend our Macedonia-organic green tea , a fruity, diuretic and loaded with vitamins, drink, made with a selection of assorted fruits, all of them are very beneficial for health. Both the Apple and lemon peel provide plenty of vitamins, which added to the properties of the Mint makes an ideal drink to take when we need to raise our defences this infusion

-Ideal for fighting coughs and bronchial colds Tea green Flor de Azahar, with orange peel that in addition to having vitamins essential to our health, also is good for digestion and to improve the condition of our skin.

-The taste of papaya is very present in our green tea and white Ryo, a fruit rich in fiber, very nutritious and digestive, also being a source of natural vitamin c and antioxidant, used to prevent cancer of the breast, colon, bladder and cervix, as well as helping to protect our heart.

-As if it were a multifruit juice, Rooibos breeze of the Caribbean you’ll love, since it will charge you batteries. It’s a drink, moreover, very diuretic and to come great people who want to lose weight, as well as those who make sport, to hydrate.

Tea red Pu Erh Aloe Vera, with chunks of pineapple, yoghurt and aloe vera, is a very diuretic drink, which will help to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, also improve digestion and help you concentrate and activate your mind.

-A highly recommended to take care of our dental hygiene drink is our Rooibos Alhambra, without forgetting that this is a very digestive infusion and with a high level of fiber, raisins and pomegranate that contains, which will improve your intestinal transit.

-The pieces of Orange, carrot, freeze dried grapefruit, pomegranate Rooibos Sahel safflower make citrus rooibos par excellence of Aromas of tea, loaded with vitamin C and D. likewise, the pomegranate is good to eliminate intestinal parasites such as worms. In addition, is a fruit with high fiber content, so it is appropriate to improve our intestinal transit and end constipation phases

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