Tea, infusions and music: a journey through the senses

Do you have tea, infusions and the music thing in common? Aromas of tea we yell from the rooftops a sound Yes! And it is that both the first and the last were created to awaken our senses, live experiences in every note and every SIP… in short, transport us to a world of inner peace and meeting with ourselves. We explain how.

té, infusiones y música

Needs physical, emotional, mental, social, and cognitive. That is the objective of the therapy. And all that is achieved by applying psychology to music. Now I want to ask you a question, you, now that we read and I know that the tea and infusions like much. If the music can get these positive effects on a person, can you imagine what can be achieved if we combine it with a good tea or infusion? Indeed, you have successful! A feeling incredible of pleasure, well-being and satisfaction general with our body, our mind and, in short, with our I more deep.

We are not therapists or psychologists, but we like that get customers the satisfaction of overall well-being and satisfaction by product taking. Why we have allowed the license to put a name, very simple, but a name at the end and after: moments infumusicte. Do you like? From now on, we will then use this term in the following lines.

Moments infumusicte

Now that we have baptized these pleasant moments, only us is explain how put them up. To do this, you only need a tea or infusion, as well as a piece of music or a series of songs in the same style. But, eye! not worth all the music or all those teas, but each type of music corresponds to a type of tea different. Then, how do you know what goes with what? Very easy! Just follow the following steps:

  1. Place: infumusicte moments are very special. They are not to do all the time. For this reason, the place we choose also should be special. Is a place in which you feel comfortable and in which nothing interrupted this nice moment.
  2. Music: is the first thing that you have to choose according to your taste or your mood. If you’re going to share your infumusicte time with someone, you’ll have you to to agree on this. From Aromas of tea I recommend that the music is rather something that sounds of background, without bother and can maintain a conversation lively. Of course, there is also the option to only listen to music and enjoy it with a tea or infusion, then Yes, you can put it higher. I.e. to be protagonist in the environment.
  3. Tea or infusion: based on the music you have chosen, you will have to go for a drink or another type. We will then explain what goes best with different music styles.

And that’s all! Now you can enjoy your infumusicte moment.

Mixture of music, tea and infusion

From classical to rock and roll. All types of music are valid for the infumusicte times. The important thing, as we have mentioned above, is that both music and tea are according to your taste and mood, although it is true that, in general, classical music of relaxation and the Eastern, are always more appropriate for these moments.

  • Classical music and traditional teas. If you like classical music, we recommend taking teas and pure infusions, such as: green tea Sencha. earl grey black tea; Silver Needle white tea; pu Erh red tea 1st grade or yellow tea. Tomorrow, January 1, you can put into practice this type of infumusicte, while you enjoy the new year’s concert. A classic among the classics!
  • Relaxing music and white teas or infusions of relax. This can result an of them combinations more common, but, of course, you offer others because, as well says the saying: for tastes the colors. In this case, teas or infusions that we recommend are whites and relaxing infusions, because they are the most consistent with the aforementioned music. We have a wide variety that you can find here, but we will mention some, in particular, as for example: white Pai Mu Tan nights white tea; rooibos Alhambra, which also goes great with relaxing music having as protagonist the Spanish guitar or Arabic sounds or anti-stress infusion.
  • Oriental music and chai: these teas are very special and have been spices based on the oriental tradition, especially in India. Any of the three we have at your disposal in section chai, will transport you directly to that country.
  • Rock and roll and teas that awakens the senses. For this section we could cite an infinite list, but we want to advise you three, namely: green tea ginseng passion; black tea berries and red tea Pu Erh Cherry.  All them are teas that you help to feel you well, lively, dynamic… put rock and roll in your life!

Enjoy of your time INFUMUSICTE and tell us your experience!

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