Take care of your joints!

¡Cuida tus articulaciones!Acquire postures at work, lead a sedentary life, efforts, overloads, or intense and repetitive exercise. The activity accumulated, day after day, affects, late or early, in our joint go that Yes! Young and old, all have experienced pain articulate at some point in our lives. However, acquiring healthy lifestyle habits can prevent joints suffer more. Throughout this article we will explain What are joints, what are their functions, as well as tips to avoid pain and prevent future injury.

Them joints are the joints between the bones next and them responsible of provide mobility and elasticity to the body. They are covered by cartilage – a firm and elastic tissue that has the necessary properties to almohadillar and allow the friction between the two bones that articulate, cushioning the physical loads-.

Why we hurt the knee, shoulder, wrist…? The pain joint can be caused by many types of injuries or conditions. Can be related with arthritis, tendinitis and pain muscle or to a lesser extent by an effort or overload unusual, which includes distention muscular or sprains. Therefore, to protect our joints we must take into account certain factors.
However, in the event that notes some symptom of pain or discomfort in your joints, not hesitate in consult with your medical. You will derive the specialist – rheumatologist or orthopedist – where necessary.

Healthy habits

Firstly, there to take care of the body, weight since it is the first element of overload and mechanical wear of joints, especially in the hips, knees, back and feet.

It is important to exercise, as physical activity strengthens the muscles – that Yes, always with moderation. The muscles surround and protect the joints preventing the premature deterioration of cartilage joint and joints are more prone to injury when the muscles and ligaments that hold them are weak. For that, is fundamental avoid the sedentary and exercise the body. (Can be combined aerobic exercise with muscle strengthening and flexibility exercises: walking, dancing, swimming, yoga…)

Also, some habits postural correct in them positions more frequent, as sitting is, lift weight, read, make them tasks daily or even sleeping also us will help to protect the joints.

Diet is another important factor to keep in mind. A proper diet can help us to nourish the bones, to increase the elasticity of cartilage, stimulate muscle regeneration and prevent injury and thus keep young longer. For this reason we must have this type of adequate food for joints work us properly. Experts advise eating foods rich in vitamins and omega-3, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. One of the foods that can most help reduce headaches joint is fresh, pineapple contains an enzyme that reduces the inflammatory processes.

Infusions and teas for them joints

The infusions of different plants also has shown that can help us to reduce the pain of our joints. In this sense, we recommend the consumption of tila in people suffering from rheumatism, lightening the joints and reducing the pain that can cause the disease. Neck pain or abdominal also reduced thanks to this plant.
Other infusions that is present in all households is the manzanilla, highly acclaimed for its anti-inflammatory, properties as well as their sedative effects and, taken as a tea, Chamomile may be effective for calming the pains in the joints.

In addition, turmeric contains an organic compound that is a potent anti-inflammatory. This ingredient is present in our Infusion Female vitality, which will also help you to regain your strength and mood.

Ginger , it is known that it has many therapeutic properties; drink ginger tea also can be very effective to those who suffer pain on the joints, since is a natural anti-inflammatory, with a strong analgesic action, as well as improve blood circulation. Try our Ginger Infusion, composed of vitamins B and C, also rich in phosphorus and calcium, among other beneficial minerals. This type of infusion has been used to soothe the pains that producing the rheumatism or arthritis. Some headaches muscle also is alleviated taking from two to three cups to the day of this type of infusion. If you like the acid touch, try our Roiboos ginger and organic Lemon, root of licorice among other ingredients.

Precisely to the licorice anti-inflammatory properties associated with it also. The primary organic compound of licorice root acts by inhibiting the activity of inflammatory enzymes in the human body, so it can be effective to relieve pain in the joints. In this case, we recommend the infusion of liquorice, even more so in people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

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