Cola de caballo, benefits and properties


Is is of an of them plants medicinal more consumed in the world by own multiple properties therapeutic and aesthetic, although is is of a product star mainly by their properties regenerative of them woven cell, by their effects purifying and of big effects for the beauty and the health of the skin.

Talk of the tail of horse, a species rich in minerals, as Silicon, potassium, tannins, flavonoids, saponidos and alkaloids, by which covers a wide and extensive field of action on the body.

We review the main properties of the ponytail:

  • Diuretic: ponytail infusions are primarily known to have slimming properties, although really this is due more to its diuretic effect, making removing liquid and toxins accumulated in the body. In fact, it can increase up to 30% the amount of urine, so it is recommended for the retention of fluids, edema, reumatitis, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, among others.
  • Slimming: precisely by its property diuretic, this plant us helps to lose weight, but must have care with eliminate excess of liquids.
  • Depurativa: allows us to purify our body of toxic elements.
  • Controls the bleeding: thanks to their properties astringent, the queue of horse can control or even cure bleeding. Is recommended in case of wounds bleeding, bleeding nasal, ulcers skin or menstruation very abundant.
  • Improves the flexibility of the tendons: acts on the flexibility of the tendons and them walls vascular. It is a good tonic for athletes or people who their ligaments undergo hard tests, such as the tennis players, cyclists, dancers, etc.
  • Skin: if something is praised this plant is for its great benefits that it provides to the skin. Its high silicon content helps to maintain and restore the health of connective tissue that forms the skin. Also, prevents the wrinkles, attenuates them stretch marks and regenerates the tissues damaged by them variations of weight.
  • Hair: the infusions of tail of horse are very good for the hair. Prevents problems of falling and of appearance of gray. This is mainly due to this infusion is very rich in Silicon.
  • Anti-cellulite: Many anti-cellulite creams use ponytail to reduce nodules of fat accumulated in different parts of the body. It is one of the best allies before and after the summer.

As has seen, the infusions of tail of horse have many properties of which you can benefit provided not you exceed in their consumption or prolongues its consumption excessively in the time.

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