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The tea in the books

Passionate about tea and letters? In this article you wrote a series of books about tea collecting information on cultivation, processing methods, recipes and curiosities about the world of tea. A selection that not can miss in the library of every lover of the tea. We invite you to read with us!

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Natural facial care beauty tricks

Teas and infusions, as well as improving our natural health, also have their positive effects in our outward appearance. Today we speak of teas and infusions made with plants and flowers that take care of face skin naturally, without side effects and with important improvements to the daily health

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Digestive plant at Christmas: Allied against the excesses

Christmas is the date par excellence to meet with family, friends, or spend some time relaxed with coworkers. Moments that we share around a table, usually, with too much food. These excesses do that, subsequently, our body will suffer. For this reason, follow healthy guidelines and include teas and infusions made Herbal digestive in your meals are the best solution to reduce the effects of the Christmas excesses.

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Licorice: a plant very healthy

Take teas and infusions based licorice us helps to take care of our health daily, since is is of a plant rich in minerals and vitamin C, that us will help in them processes digestive, us raises the mood and helps to combat them depressions mild, besides leave us an excellent flavor of mouth. To what you expect to put it in your diet daily?

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