Author: Noelia Jiménez

Maiko Tea: a very special in Japan tea house

In many films and documentaries, we have seen the tradition of tea and the entrenched in Japanese culture. This plant was imported from China in the year 700, but it was between the 14th and 16th century when taking it became popular among the entire population of the country. The variety more used by the Japanese green tea is and considered any good occasion for your enjoyment. At the time of talk of this drink and Japan have to mention to the House of tea, Maiko Tea. This House is an of the more recognized, not only in the...

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Would you with milk or water?

For tastes the colors. By that, while some think that infuse the tea with water only is it more normal, not can forget that there are other many people that it make with milk and, even, countries where it normal is take it of this way, as is the case of United Kingdom, Morocco or Hong Kong is very rooted the custom of take it of this form. So, is there any right way to drink tea? Is a matter of taste? From customs? We leave that your own answer question. Disadvantages of tea with milk Tea with milk...

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Gyokuro tea: a Japanese Delicatessen

Today, tea aromas, we traveled to Japan to talk about one of the most exquisite tea varieties from Japan. Gyokuro tea or also known as“dew drops“or “drops of jade”is considered one of teas green of greater quality and expensive in the world. The name gyokuro relates either to the pale green color of infusion. It has a very peculiar production process. Before making the collection (2 or 3 weeks) plants are covered with nets so that we give them the Sun. In this way, the absence of light makes that sheet encourages more chlorophyll, increases the levels of protein...

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